Amy and John David Dance at their North Georgia Mountain Wedding
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Southern Mountain Wedding Video in Blairsville Georgia

Amy and John David Dance at their North Georgia Mountain Wedding

Today’s real wedding is a mountain wedding video. I’m very fond of video for a number of reasons. There’s something so powerful about hearing people say their vows. For destination mountain brides, I also find video is helpful for imagining the dynamics of a mountain wedding. You can see the wind through the trees, get a sense of the reception hall, and see people having fun on the dance floor in actual motion.

While today’s video is a bit long, it has so many pretty details that I just had to publish it. Also, be forewarned, it’s a deeply Christian ceremony. Not your by-the-numbers-book-of-common-prayer-ceremony, but a hand-crafted one that professes a “Christ-centered life.” I know some of you are Christians and some of you aren’t. If you are someone who feels uncomfortable watching people incorporate their religious values into their vows, this video won’t be for you.

Personally, I love watching different people express their love and commitment in all sorts of ways. And the love these two have for one another and the emotions that well up when they say their vows are just so lovely!

And of course, those sweeping mountain views and all the little rustic and shabby chic details the bride incorporated can’t be beat. But ultimately, this wedding isn’t about stuff; it’s about people. I think it will help you imagine the other details of your wedding: the emotional details like the exchange of vows, the best man and maid of honor speeches, and the dancing and partying. And of course I have a brief Hindsight interview from the bride. Enjoy!

Amy + Jon David Highlight (short) from Life Productions on Vimeo.

Tell us a bit about your wedding: I knew I wanted a mountain shabby chic wedding from the start. I spent a lot of time researching country weddings, barn weddings and outdoor weddings for ideas. I found the most/best ideas from looking at photos of real weddings at venues I was researching venues (before I selected one).

What are you glad you did?

  • I am so glad that we selected a live band. We loved them and really thought they helped set the mood for the reception/party.
  • We are glad we wrote our own vows. It was one of the most personal and special moments of the day.
  • We are glad that we didn’t see each other before the wedding. There was something amazing about seeing each other for the first time at the opposite end of the aisle.

What do you wish you had done?

  • I wish we had more time to visit with and talk with our friends and family at the reception.
  • We had the wedding party and all of the guests sing two worship songs during the ceremony. We had a string trio play them. However, we weren’t able to practice with the string trio in advance. Instead, I wish we would have had one of our friends play the worship songs on a guitar. That would have allowed the wedding party to practice in advance and guarantee that it was the same version being played that we planned to sing.

Anything you wish you hadn’t done? Hmm…I’m not sure.

What do you wish you hadn’t worried about? My husband says we shouldn’t have worried at all.

What is your very best hindsight advice? Hire a great photographer and videographer because the day will really fly by. When it is over you’ll have the photos and videos to remind you of the special commitment the two of you made that day, and to pass along to your children and grandchildren.

Videography: Life Productions
Photography: Imago Photography Check out more details of Amy + John David’s Wedding here
Venue: Southern Tree Plantation