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I have a real treat for you today. Gaby from South Bound Bride is on the blog today. Maybe you’ve seen South Bound Bride before. Gaby just re-branded from her old wedding blog, Cap Classique. The new and improved blog features comprehensive wedding directories for South African Brides, and (IMHO) some of the freshest wedding inspiration on the web.


Elephant Park WeddingImage from Just Judy via South Bound Bride

What I love about South Bound Bride:

High fashion and the newest wedding ideas. South African Brides are my favorite when it comes to their sense of style. Oh, and real weddings in elephant parks. I mean, really!

French market wedding inspiration board

What You’ll Love about South Bound Bride:

Amazing eye candy and super-fresh inspiration boards. You’ll love the Real Life Bride posts. First there was Anelle, the “Swan” bride from Seven Swans Stationary. And now we’re following Cheryl from her proposal to her wedding inspiration, and finding and choosing South African wedding pros.

Did I mention fabulous inspiration boards? You can even request that an inspiration board be built especially for you!

request an inspiration board

Now I know most of you aren’t in South Africa, but you’ll find some of the most stimulating wedding inspiration on this blog. So log into Pinterest and get ready because you’re going to love this blog! (Ha! But first read Gaby’s interview)

About Gaby:

Gaby from South Bound Bride

My blog is known for: Gorgeous South African weddings


How did you come up with the name for your blog? My blog used to be called Cap Classique, which was named after the South African version of champagne. I wanted the new name to reflect the fact that I was blogging about the whole of South Africa and not just the Cape region, and for various reasons it needed to be something that hadn’t been used before. I went through a LOT of dictionaries and thesaurus entries, Google, friends’ suggestions, etc. and when I came across ‘southbound’ I thought it fit. I liked the way that ‘bound’ could apply both to brides whose destination was South Africa, and to those living there who felt bound to my beautiful homeland.

How did you get into blogging? Most people start with planning their wedding — I was quite different as I started with a breakup! I had just got out of a relationship and had a lot of time on my hands suddenly, so I started exploring blogging. I noticed that very little attention was being given to the South African industry, saw a niche in the market, and jumped in the deep end!


Tell us something only your closest friends know about you. I’m a little bit surfer girl at heart. I don’t even surf and good luck ever finding me in a camper van, but I grew up on the coast, and in my mind there’s a parallel universe where I’m living the life, Blue Crush-style.


My biggest splurge is: Jewelry. I’d live in Tiffany’s if they’d let me. Lucky for me, I come from a long line of jewelry-loving women, so I’ve inherited some gorgeous pieces.


Biggest turn on: Proteas. Sunshine. Kindness. Wine.


Biggest turn off: Raisins. And mean people. Mean people suck.


My favourite place in the world is… The South African bushveld. There is absolutely nothing better to me than sitting under a blanket of stars on a warm evening in camp, listening to the sounds of the bush unfold around me.


My personal theme song is… The Lady is a Tramp by Frank Sinatra


I think the best part of a wedding is… the vows. They choke me up, every time.


My writing style comes from… The heart. Or the top of my tiny brain. One of the two!

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