Ski Wedding Link Excitement FAIL

I Was So Excited…

I follow With This Ring in my Google Reader. I was excited to see an Apres Ski Inspiration board. I immediately clicked on it. I love ski inspiration. Our California wedding was a ski wedding.

I leap out of my chair when I saw our vintage ski invitation front and center! Woohoo! I've long been a fan of With This Ring, but assumed I wasn't on Darci's radar. (Although she did graciously email me back when I asked her a question about images and copyright. She's really super nice and clearly generous with her time and energy.) Anyway, look!

Ski Wedding Inspiration Board
Inspiration Board from With This Ring

See (the middle image), same as ours…

Mammoth Lakes ski wedding invitation


Except it's not!!! Look again. The image on With This Ring is actually the original vintage ski poster we customized to make our ski wedding invitations. I guess I'm now so used to associating that vintage poster with our ski wedding, that I jumped to conclusions :) How embarrassing, and too funny not to share with you all.

By the bye, if you (or your graphic designer) are interested in using this poster, the Mammoth Ski Museum sells copies of it. Kendra Knight, the museum's curator, sold me a high resolution image that I Photoshopped into our invitation.