Champagne cocktail

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Champagne cocktail
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A Classic Winter Drink

March weather is still so variable in the mountains across the US. While the jonquils and crocuses are making their debut in the southern mountains, it could easily still snow. In the Rockies and in the West, the snow will be on the ground for quite some time still.

No drink says winter elegance quite like champagne. Maybe its the association with the holidays and New Years, or perhaps its the academy awards that seem to call for the glamor of champagne. What ever it is, I've long considered champagne  a classic winter celebration drink.

champagne cocktails in vintage glasses

OK, Seriously: A Classic Year-Round Drink

My family (and by my family I mean my in-laws, whom I adore) drink a hell of a lot of champagne cocktails in the summertime.  We drink them on walks down their tree canopied, country, dirt road. We drink them when we soak in the pond on a hot summers day. And we drink them when we gather around the bonfire on cool summer evenings. OK, so there you go, you can serve this drink any time of year, it's THAT classic.

Cristalino extra dry labelPink Champagne cocktail

An Inexpensive Option

The great think about serving Champagne cocktails is it won't break the bank. The added ingredients allow you to serve humble champagne. We use Cristalino Extra Dry because it's super tasty, and a bit sweeter than other Cristalinos. And it's only 7 buck as bottle!  The flip side of this is don't pollute Veuve Clicquot with sugar and other crap. If you're going to spend $50 – $100 bucks or more a bottle for champagne, just serve it as is, preferably chilled.

classic champagne cocktail on silver tray

The Recipe:

  • Put a sugar cube at the bottom of a champagne flute
  • Cover with 6 or 7 shakes of bitters and let it soak into the sugar cube.
  • Pour Champagne over sugar cube
  • Garnish with a twist of lemon (optional)