Shabby Chic and Woodsy Wedding at The Hide Out | Kirkwood, CA

There are so many steal worthy ideas in this wedding sent over by Mountainside Bride recommended destination photographer Emily Heizer! I love that the bridesmaids wore sweet little gloves and birdcage veils. I love the lounge section in a little grove of trees where guests can steal away and relax. And of course, what’s an outdoor woodland wedding without S’mores?!

wooden hide out sign Canoe and pansies in bud vases mini wedding cake with ribbon and brooch The Hideout in Kirkwood bride getting ready in the woods Bride with bridesmaids wearing cream and beige dresses

wedding rings and potted flower centerpieces framed vintage wedding pictures hanging from a tree banner bearers and dessert bar Kirkwood bride and groom here comes the bride banner bride walks down the aisle at the hideout in kirkwood groom sweeps bride off feet for a kiss gold framed table numbers lemonade stand reception tables at The Hideout white bouquet and Mr & Mrs chair signs outdoor lounge area bride and groom swing dancing friends gather around bride and groom on the dance floor donuts and mini tarts s'mores bar bride and groom in a canoe

The Hideout in Kirkwood {from the photographer}

The venue itself is very special. In order to get there at all you first have to drive an hour by freeway (no matter what city you’re coming from), and then drive an hour into the woods where you’ll likely never see another car. Then it’s a quick turn on to an unmarked dirt road where you’ll drive a few miles through some streams and straight up a rock face called Pucker Butt Hill… and it’s called that for a reason! But when you turn the corner and come out of the woods… There it is… This magical 5,000 square foot cabins hidden away in this meadow in front of a private lake with nothing around but butterflies.

Embrace Nature

My brides and I have been doing something very special and very different together. I came up with this idea that if a bride is very nature and outdoors-centric, and having a rustic-chic moutain wedding, then why is she getting dressed inside of a stuffy hotel room? Why not embrace nature? Christina is one of many of my brides who have taken to the woods for one last moment alone with the wonders of the outdoors before donning her wedding gown, outside, in the forest. It’s truly a magical moment and absolutely irreplaceable.

Relaxing in the mountains

At sunset, Christina and Dustin stole away for a quick moment and went for a canoe ride around the lake on the property. Christina was incredibly inspired by an article she saw about Kevin Costner’s wedding several years ago and this idea of the newlyweds relaxing on the water. Costner’s wedding was at his ranch in Colorado, and Christina was just struck by this vision of the water and the lake and being surrounded by the mountains. This is the ideal she sought out for her wedding day and what she strove to find for her wedding venue. Costner got married about the same time I became a photographer, and truth be told, his wedding is what inspired me to start shooting mountain weddings. As the sun went down, Christina and her new husband had these very precious moments alone while the chaos of the party continued on down the hill below us. It was incredibly romantic, and private, and while I was able to photograph the experience for them, whatever dialogue they shared during their boat ride was totally private.

Custom Dessert Bar

Christina & Dustin had a wedding cake, but they also had a full scale dessert bar, including a donut tower and gluten free treats to cater to their guests! Christina owns her own furniture refinishing business and had the opportunity to provide some of the specialized customized furniture items that were used on the day, and it looked marvelous. They also hung family wedding photographs from the trees around the ceremony site.

Favorite Moment of the Day {from the bride}:

One of my most special moments was when I was walking down the hill from the main lodge and I saw all of my friends and family dancing and having a great time. All of the candles and lights were lit up and everything just looked magical. I couldn’t believe after all of the hard work and months of planning, I had actually pulled off my dream wedding.

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