Seer-sucker suits for the Groom and his men

Recently, I was happy to see a wedding on the Today Show where a groom wore a pale seersucker suit. The suit is shown during the first minute or two of the clip, and the featured groom is in a suit that is almost exactly like the suit my Groom wore at our wedding. (Yay!) The best part: we paid a little more than $130. for the entire suit, and now The Groom has a nice summer suit.

At first, The Groom and I looked at the traditional tuxedos. He was excited about the prospect of getting so dressed up, and had admitted that he had never wore a tux before. (No, not even to the prom). At $160 a pop for a rental at the Men's Warehouse, we were struggling to fit it into our paltry budget. The Groom began cruising the department store sales instead.


At Belk, the Groom found a fantastic seer-sucker suit jacket for $46.28; pale trousers for $32.40, and a shirt for $23.14. The tie was also $23.14 for the groom, but the groomsmen got their ties for $9.99. The total with tax came to $133.71. (Everything was on sale, so we saved $109.54 in the department store.)

The sale is even bigger now! The Jacket is only $29.99

This tan seer-sucker suit was perfect for our springtime, southern inspired wedding