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Short-haired Women/Real Hairstyles

short haired bride recites vows to groom
Image via Ruffled

I have been on a Ruffled blog kick lately. You remember my post about Making Your Mountain Wedding Great, where I reposted a whole bunch of images from a featured mountain wedding and wrote about the details that made it great? Well Amanda has done it again for me. She never fails at delivering some of the best wedding eye candy on the web while at the same time getting the wheels in my head going.

short haired bride kisses her groom
Image via Ruffled

Last week Ruffled featured an eco-friendly Florida wedding with fantastic woodsy, DIY details and down-to-earth style. There are so many things to love about this wedding: the embroidered burlap table numbers,the potted plant centerpieces, and wood stumps and bunting galore.

Check out some of the delightful details!

woodsy details for an eco-chic wedding
Images via Ruffled

But I love, love, love the natural short hair!

Seriously, my absolute favorite thing about this wedding is the short-haired bride. Dayna decided to go with easy, natural, everyday hair. I chose a similar approach for my own wedding, and I have loved the results. Like Dayna, I wear a classic bob. I thought of curling it or doing a finger wave for the wedding, but I never wear my hair like that, and many wedding professionals advise that you look llike you on your wedding day. This can be complicated for short haired brides that don't have the same variety of options as our long-haired sisters. Nonetheless, in the end, I went with a hair style that was "me"–my every day bob–and would be recognizable as "me" for years to come. Just like Dayna did. Yay Dayna!

short haired bride enjoys a drink with her groom
Image via Ruffled

short haired bride kisses groom outside
Image via Ruffled

Soooooo, if you are a short-haired bride banging your head against the wall trying to find a hair style, why not just go with your own?