School Days Inspiration: Go Learn Something!

I've been such a bad blogger these past couple of weeks. I have barely poked my head out long enough to say hello and comment on some of my favorite blogs and say hello to my favorite tweeters. Classes have started this week and I've been swamped with prep and work. Still, I have been lurking when I can.

Anyway, in honor of school starting, I wanted to remind you (as if you needed reminding) that there is sooooo much fantastic wedding planning information and inspiration on the web (duh). In fact did most of my own wedding planning online in the wee hours of the morning. I would wake up around 4 a.m. and make the rounds on my favorite blogs, noting ideas I liked and doing lots of bookmarking on delicious. So this week, in honor of the start of school, I encourage you to go out and learn something! Here are some of my favorite resources new and old.


Cake with text decorations

Image from via Grey Likes Wedidngs

Wedding Planning Advice


Printed Garland
Image from Katherine Chong via Once Wed

Favorite DIY projects

Favorite Books

Favorite Podcasts:

Books and text for wedding decor
Image from Kyle Hale via 100 Layer Cake