Say Yes to Trashing the Dress?

Would you Trash The Dress (TTD)?

Wedding gown in flames
Image from Jeff Cooke Photography via SmartBride on Flickr

WHOA! OK trashing the dress is not always this dramatic. Sometimes it is, but not always. Trashing the dress could be as simple as one of Dana's TTD sessions over at Broke-Ass Bride. She and Fresh Hubby traipsed around the city in their wedding garb, not caring if they get a little dirt and grime on their threads. I mean, seriously, TTD sessions are gorgeous, but would you really want to lay down on a tractor tire 30 minutes before your wedding. Um, no, probably not.

Trash the Dress Session on a tractor
Image from Chris Austin via Broke Ass Bride

Trashing the dress has been popping up on my radar in both big and small ways this past week. An industry colleague over at SmartBride Boutique is having a TTD debate in a couple of weeks. (See below for details.) Another industry friend of mine, Michele Balog, just hosted a tacky wedding party where she encouraged guests to show up in their wedding gowns. Part opportunity to wear your dress again, part opportunity to indulge in dollar store kitsch, Michele is not the only one to act on the impulse to wear that gown again in the most edgy and irreverent way possible. TTD sessions are becoming increasingly popular on photography sites. Personally, I want to wear my dress all over the world and take pictures of myself in my gown in random places, like the grocery store, and the dump, and rock climbing, and at motorcycle rallies. Just like that dancing guy who dances all over the world. OK, I'm staking claim to that idea right here and right now. Why not wear your dress every chance you can get?

Trash the Dress session in the ocean
Image from Justin Lacarelli Photography via SmartBride on Flickr

TTD sessions can be as extreme as setting the gown on fire or as tame as sitting down on something that may lightly soil the gown. Many of the early TTD sessions I saw involved the ocean. Now abandoned barns and warehouses, urban landscapes, mud and motorsports are all cropping up on the TTD scene.

Trash the dress session with a paintball bride
Image from Kyle Jordan Perison via SmartBride on Flickr

Photogs love TTD sessions for the opportunity they offer to be heirloom creative. But brides and other wedding industry folks are more divided on the subject. Some say the dress should be preserved as an heirloom, others say it should be sold so other brides can get some use from it. Still others say, "eff that, it's my dress I'll do what I want with it."

 NotYourTypicalBride over at Blogger Brides writes,

"I’m not a particularly judgmental person, but I find the willful destruction of a wedding gown just plain wrong. Shallow. Sinfully wasteful."

While ejs4y8 writes on the Wedding Bee,

"Meh, how is it any more wasteful to trash a dress you paid for than, say, florals that day after it's all said and done? Or food the venue made for your guests that RSVP'd YES but didn't show up?"

Trash the Dress session with a couple in a tree
Image from Rich Johnson via SmartBride on Flickr

Me? I'm all for trashing the dress. I love putting that thing on and having some more fun in it. I want to wear it as much as I can in as many fun ways that I can. I am eager to voice my opinion and hear what other's are saying at an  upcoming TTD debate sponsored by SmartBride Boutique. Here's the skinny:

Live Trash the Dress Debate

Date: June 23, 2010
Time: 8pm to 9pm EST


Please RSVP on Facebook and don't forget to invite your friends!!/event.php?eid=119819254720744

OR RSVP via Twitter! Just RT "@SmartBride wants to know! Are you FOR or AGAINST #trashthedress? I'm joining the live debate June 23 @ 8pm EST

Not only is participating in our debate fun, but you'll have the chance to win some incredible prizes too! Here's is a link to SmartBride Boutique's blog post about the incredible prizes:

I hope to see you all there!

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