save the date magnet

A Save The Date Magnet that Isn’t Lame

This save-the-date-magnet smokes the rest!

OK, I’m not a big fan of save-the-date magnets. I’m kinda like, “been there done that, got the tee shirt” (or in this case, got the magnet.) Show of hands, how many of your have the cheesy clip-art magnet of a bride and groom kissing that reads, “Today I marry my best friend?”

save the date magnetDesigned by Lucky Orchid Weddings

It’s sentimental to be sure, but also totally uninspired. Well this map-inspired save-the-date magnet of Crested Butte not only smokes all other save-the-date magnets, it crushes most save-the-dates announcements no matter what the form or medium.