Sarah Burke's Wedding

Sarah Burke’s + Rory Bushfield’s Wedding Remembered

We Will Miss you Sarah!!!

sarah burke Image from Powder Mag

I am not in the habit of writing obituaries or memorials on this blog, but I’m so shaken up over Sarah Burke’s death that it would feel wrong for me not to. I think other mountain brides, especially western mountain bride who ski will remember Burke as the powerhouse free skier who dominated the superpipe, who lobbied early on for the inclusion of female athletes in the X games. Burke went on to become an X Games champion. Most recently, she successfully lobbied the Winter Olympic Committee to include the super pipe in the 2014 Winter Olympics.  Beautiful, easy-going, and one of the best skiers ever (male or female) I will remember Sarah for paving the way for other female athletes to compete in top tier competitions and pushing the envelope in freestyle skiing.


Winter | How They Met +Married

Sarah Burke married Rory Bushfield near Whistler, BC on September 25, 2010. They met at ski camp when Sarah was 15. In this video Sara and Rory talk about life, mountains, and how Rory proposed. PLEASE WATCH IT!!! It also has clips from their wedding toward the end.

Sarah Burke's WeddingImage from Canadian Bride

Sarah Burke and Rory Bushfield Wedding

Both Sarah and Rory are beloved in the ski industry. Sarah will be missed dearly and our hearts go out to Rory!