Rustic October Wedding in Colorado

Colorado and October just go hand in hand together, don’t they? It’s a beautiful time where there’s a light dusting of snow settling on the ground as winter gingerly moves in, but the colorful leaves are still as striking as ever and the air is cool and crisp. Hannah and CW are Steamboat Springs residents and understandably so thanks to the landscape, they didn’t want to stray too far from their home to get married. Vendors like Autumn Parry Photography and Come Join Us pitched in to bring Hannah and CW’s wedding vision to life, and as always, it was fit for the mountains.

How did you meet?

We met Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The bride had moved into a downtown residence on Nob Street where the groom already resided with 2 other roommates.  The bride and groom did not meet though until he returned home from a burn (wild land fire work). They became adventure buddies!

What is your proposal story?

The groom and the bride drove out to Steamboat Lake for a cross country ski outing. They skied all around Steamboat Lake. When the groom got down on one ski and asked will you do me the honor – the bride exclaimed yes!

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?

The bride wanted to have a more traditional wedding in a church and to go through the marriage counseling with the groom. The groom wanted to have a good time.  We lucked out! Our wedding planner found us the best bartender. The groom also wanted a photo booth which was the best idea! The bride and groom knew the DJs from her work. One of the most loving touches was Smell that Bread Bakery’s divine creations. We devoured the cake, cupcakes, and cookies. The owners of Smell that Bread Bakery are dear friends of the bride and groom.

And last but not least, Fritz and Bethany Aurin cooked the most delicious meal and appetizers for the guests. These two are also dear friends of the bride and groom. Everyone raved about the food and the deserts. The display backdrop was beautiful too. One of the groomsmen had used pallets to make a beautiful backdrop for the bride and groom. Our bartender also donated a keg from Storm Peak Brewing Company and created our signature drink – an old fashioned. We purchased our own table cloths and paid to have them steamed. We also purchased our mason jars from a restaurant vendor supplier. The bride also found a Native American flutist and had a friend play her Native American Buffalo skinner drum as she walked down the aisle with her father.

What were your favorite parts of the day?

A few of the bride’s favorite memories – getting ready with her renowned hairstylist – her cousin Elle, hanging with her bridesmaids the evening before and during the wedding; the Native American flute Amazing Grace procession for her walk down the aisle; the father of the Bride speech, her dad-daughter dance and playing jump around where everyone got up to jump around in true Wisco sprit; dancing all night, singing in a huge circle with guests John Denver’s song Take me Home, Country roads to close out the night, keg stand, and sunpies!

A few of the groom’s favorite memories: seeing all his best friends, family and fire family; keg stands at the end of the night; eating the delicious food; hanging out with his dad and groomsmen while getting ready.

The bride and groom got scolded at their wedding by the priest for whispering and googling each other too much and not listening to his sermon. 

The bride and groom also requested a picture in the church where the photographers stand behind the altar. The priest was a little concerned but ended up allowing it. It is one of their favorite photographs from the wedding.

The bride and groom walked out of the church to here comes the sun! 

They had a receiving line where everyone rang little red bells. The bride said she loved the movie It’s a wonderful Life and wanted bells to ring because “every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.” There were many angels who received their wings that day!

The bride’s father also gave the most memorable father-of-the bride speech complete with a Powerpoint.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

This is such a hard time – COVID 19.  I know the amount of planning and excitement that goes into a wedding. One of my favorite photos is my dad hugging me and the groom smiling as my dad gives me away. I can’t imagine changing your whole day to accommodate this pandemic.

I would recommend a destination wedding during the off season. It is still beautiful in October in the mountains. Look at community centers. Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen if they have any connections – like food/flowers/hair/makeup. They may know people and that could help with costs. Always ask for a discount!

A destination wedding also cuts down on the number of attendees because it costs a lot to attend.

Look at aveda schools or hair and makeup schools in your area. There are so many women and men just graduating that need to build a portfolio! Ask them their price. Find a wedding planner who helps with everything. We love love our wedding planner! She is a godsend. Make sure you love your wedding planner – shop around. Our wedding planner spoke Spanish which is a huge plus because she helped us book the rehearsal dinner at a Mexican restaurant that we love. 

Check out your local supermarket for flowers. 

The biggest thing that people remember from our wedding is the food/drinks and the photo booth. I highly recommend to not skimp on the food or deserts. You are throwing a party!  

Event Credits

Event PlanningCome Join Us LLC
FloralAshley Whitaker
CateringFritz & Bethany
DJErrica & KC Hume
HairElle Schimberg/Chair C
Wedding DressBHLDN
MakeupElle Schimberg/Chair C
Wedding DressBHLDN
Groom’s AttireAllen’s Clothing Store
Bride’s ShoesKeds for Kate Spade
HeadpieceCity Market Steamboat Springs