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Rustic Lake Tahoe Wedding | 10 Steal-worthy Ideas

Staci + Max
July 14, 2012
Tahoe City, CA 

See why this wedding was split into two? Not only does Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer Eric Asistin capture weddings beautifully  but also, this wedding is full of steal-worth ideas. Scroll down for my top picks of steal-worthy ideas from this wedding…
jenga escort cards and lavender centerpieces guest advice fill in cards wooden guest book sign groom singing and wooden round with jenga pieces bride listening and bride and groom wooden sign first dance Lake tahoe wedding groom sings to his bride Lake Tahoe wedding bride and groom kiss Lake tahoe wedding doh-nuts wooden sign donuts on vintage record stand flower girl eating donuts donut favor bags Lake Tahoe wedding venue bride and guests having fun after wedding ceremony dancing and partying Lake tahoe wedding photo booth green wedding shoes twilight kiss in Lake Tahoe

Top Steal-worthy Ideas

  • Focus on guest fun. I love getting weddings that show the guests having the time of their lives. I’ve heard twice recently that guests don’t remember what you do, they remember how you made them feel. I know that Staci + Max’s guests probably left feeling that that was the best wedding ever!
  • Source flowers locally. All of the dried lavender came from Napa. While Napa isn’t in the Tahoe area, its a few hour’s drive rather than across the country. Sourcing details close to home reduces your carbon footprint, which, in turn helps us keep the natural environment we all love healthy and beautiful.
  • Skip the wedding cake and go with something you actually like. Not everyone is a cake person. Staci + Max love donuts so that took center stage as their wedding dessert. They elevated the modest donut by  displaying them on unique vintage record stands and offering cute DIY favor bags for guests to grab one and take home. Adorable!
  • Choose a handful of details and use them throughout the wedding. Staci + Max made their wedding details work smarter, not harder. They chose a couple of detail types, like drift wood for signs and Jenga pieces and scattered them throughout their wedding, giving everything a unifying look and feel. Sometimes less is more.
  • Save on ceremony flowers with handmade pinwheels! Flowers are expensive. You can save on ceremony flowers by lining your outdoor “aisle” with pinwheels. Not that the Chuppa needs no further decoration ;-)
  • Plantable favors. I just love the thought of guests reliving and remembering a wedding as they plant, grow, and eventually eat their wedding favor. Here wedding guests received packets of arugula in custom seed packets with growing instructions. So sweet!
  • Fill in the blank advice cards. Sometimes gusts don;t know what to say in a guest card, or they don’t know what advice you want. Fill in the blank advice cards are the perfect solution! These ad-lib style cards make for cute, funny and clever responses with less guest effort. I especially love the “In ten years from now” bit ;-)
  • Focus on personal talents to customize your wedding. OK, the groom got up on stage and sang a song to his new wife. Ah-maaazing! But the point is not that you should consider doing the same, the point is you should consider whether you or your Love have a talent that you can showcase at the wedding. For Hubs and I it was cake baking and decoration. What’s your hidden wedding talent?
  • Consider a wild flower bouquet. I’m going to issue a disclaimer here by saying that bouquet selection is a highly personal choice and should reflect your own personal style and preferences. OK with that out of the way, I’ll say that I just love wild flower bouquets for summer weddings in the mountains. Sometimes wild flowers are not as ubiquitous in the mountains as they are in other places, especially in higher elevations where the weather is harsh. Mountain wild flowers also bloom for a shorter season. In short, they are rare, making them a lovely choice for the very special occasion of your wedding.
  • Hire a great photographer. Again, this is a matter of choice. Not everyone gives a hoot about photography, just look at the Off Beat Bride or A Practical Wedding for inspiration in that regard. However, if you’re addicted to Pinterest, Style Me Pretty and this blog, chances are you love gorgeous weddings. For looking back at your own wedding through a blog-addled mind, photography wil be key {wink!} OK in all seriousness  look at this wedding. Eric  not only did an amazing job capturing and styling the simple details, he also caught key emotional moments. Look at the picture of Mom walking Staci down the aisle, or the images of Max singing to his bride, or that amazing dance floor pictures. And is that picture of the flower girl eating the donut not the most classic kid shot ever?! Not every photographer can do this, so choose wisely1
What did YOU love about this wedding?

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