Romantic Wasatch Mountains Elopement Inspiration

Getting married in the mountains always is humbling in our opinion, as you’re instantly dwarfed by the natural landscape. We think, though, eloping with the mountains in the background like this wedding editorial brings you to an ethereal plateau. Everything is still and serene, and aside from Halie West Photography, it’s only the couple feeling like they’re on top of the planet at that epic moment. We can only imagine that stellar high.

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What was your design inspiration?

My inspiration was the mountains. The are simply beautiful. Mountains get dressed up in white after every storm. Much like love goes through it’s owns storms, we still choose get dressed up in white and celebrate our love.
I wanted to get a couple out and exploring nature with one of the grandest mountains in the Wasatch Mountains as a backdrop. They were stoked on going snowshoeing around the frozen lake, and were champs in braving the cold.

Describe your flowers.

Wild Escape Creations florals are hand painted and made of sola wood. Sola wood is sustainable and biodegradable making it a great eco-friendly option. Kelsey hand paints every single flower and these bouquets always turn out so beautiful.

Tell us about your attire choices.

Something Borrowed Bridals is a great and affordable way to rent a dress for your wedding day. The shop allows former brides to consign their wedding dresses for soon to be brides. Jordan chose a form fitting lace dress to wear among the snow.

Please describe any DIY, handmade or personal details.

The couple brought their own vow books for the occasion and chose one another’s wedding rings.