Unrivaled Romantic Gowns by BHLDN

To be beholden, means to owe thanks. These gowns are so gorgeous, I own a whole big bunch of thanks the the newest bridal line by Anthropologie–BHLDN (which is pronounced “beholden”).

BHLDN short bridal dress with vintage ring and bracelet

What Kind of Bride Are You?

What kind of bride are you

The website is super fun and interactive. You get to take a little test to determine what kind of bride you are. (Suffice to say that you want to take such tests with a grain of salt, if you’re a romantic bride but love a “Lady with a Twist” dress, well, go with the gown you love!)

Nostalgic + Romantic Bride

1920s Vintage Bride with feather butterfly shoes

When I took the test, BHLDN classified me as a Nostalgic + Romantic Bride. (See the Nostalgic + Romantic Collection)  No surprise here for a woman who was in the archives of her town library by the age of eight, looking up the history of her family’s 130 year old house. But nostalgic can be artful and edgy too. Take this feather bolero ($350) in blush and butterfly feather heels ($480) in Rose Champagne that harken back to the fun and artful roaring twenties. I also love the unconventional color.

Price: $1000 -$4000

BHLDN romantic bridal gown with bow and pearl necklace

OK, the accessories are a bit spendy, but the prices for wedding gowns and dresses are quite reasonable. And the gowns have so many gorgeous details! The most expensive gown is $4000, with many fall in the $1600 range. You’ll also find a number of lovely and sweet “event dresses” for $600. And let’s face it, your wedding is sure an event! If your looking for an amazing, detailed, short dress for your handmade mountain wedding, check out BHLDN’s short dresses.