Romantic Glacier National Park Elopement

Krista and Peyton never imagined themselves having a large wedding with all the planning and endless list of details that sometimes comes with it. So, after being engaged for 2 years, they decided to travel to the stunning Glacier National Park to elope and focus on the only detail that truly mattered to them—writing their own vows and becoming husband and wife! Krista arranged her bouquet, flower crown, and Peyton’s boutonniere on her own and they were the perfect complement to the icy natural beauty that surrounded them on their big day. In order to take in and remember every moment of the day, they made photography and videography a priority and you’ll see in these breathtaking photos from Honeybee Weddings that that was a very wise decision!

How did you meet?

Peyton and I met through a dating app, Tinder. We matched and Peyton was bold enough to message me first. We talked for a few weeks and the he convinced me to go on a date with him. We will never forget our first date. We had dinner and went to a movie, but after, Peyton surprised me by taking me to a ‘Country Christmas.’ ‘Country Christmas’ is a place back in his hometown that is completely decorated in Christmas lights and Christmas decor. Our first picture was actually with Santa Claus!

What is your proposal story?

Peyton and I planned a trip to celebrate us graduating from college to Linville Falls, NC. We spent the first day hiking and exploring, our favorite thing to do, and at sunset Peyton proposed on the deck where we were staying. He had told me he wanted to take pictures of us, so he set up the tripod and actually caught the whole proposal on camera!

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?

Our photography and videography was the biggest thing we splurged on because we knew we wanted to remember every second we could of our big day, and we are so happy with the results.

What were your favorite parts of the day?

My favorite part of the day was reading my vows to Peyton, and him reading his to me. Another fun part of the day was taking pictures and having fun with our photographer, she’s the best!

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

It is so cliche to say but the less you stress the better it will be, everything will honestly fall into place, and if it doesn’t just roll with it! I myself, am such a planner and get a little antsy if things don’t go as I planned but on my wedding day I just went with it and had the best day! Just remember what the day is really about, you two!

Why a Mountain Wedding?

The question should be, why not a mountain wedding!! The mountains have always been special to Peyton and I, and it is where we fell in love. What is not to love about the mountains!

Event Credits

Ceremony VenueGlacier National Park
Reception VenueAirBnB
Event PlanningHoneybee Weddings
Wedding CakeMiss PattiCakes
Wedding DressRebecca Ingram
Groom’s AttireH&M
Bride’s ShoesThe North Face