engaged rock climbers kiss

Rock Climbing Engagement Session in Colorado

As a dyed-in-the-wool mountain girl, I simply love weddings and engagement shoots that incorporate mountain sports.  They just capture the essence of what makes the mountains so wonderful and fun! So when I saw this amazingly fun rock climbing engagement shoot by Mark Hayes (no longer photographing) in my inbox, I was just thrilled.

Climbing gear and engaged coupleengaged man rock climbing

diamond engagement ring inside a carabiner

engaged couuple rock climbs together

engaged rock climbing couple at the top of a pitch

Rock climbing in Colorado

engaged rock climbers kiss

engaged rock climbing woman belayes her fiance

engagement ring on rock climbing woman

Of note: One thing that I always find impressive is where the photographer is in all of this. He was obviously rock climbing too! How else would he get those shots above each climber? And not only was he climbing too, he was likely climbing with a butt-load of camera equipment.