Rock Climbing Bridal Shoot in Colorado

Renee and Wade were married last year in Europe. They wanted to do a bridal shoot that incorporated rock climbing once they got back home to Colorado but things got hectic and it got pushed aside. Now, one year later, they finally got to. We went out to Eldorado Canyon State Park just outside of Denver, Colorado to do just that. Happy one year anniversary to this very happy couple. Dress: Davids Bridal, Bouquet: made by Rayna McGinnis Photography, flowers from Costco

1-Rayna-McGinnis-Photography 2-Rayna-McGinnis-Photography 3-Rayna-McGinnis-Photography

4-Rayna-McGinnis-Photography 5-Rayna-McGinnis-Photography 6-Rayna-McGinnis-Photography 7-Rayna-McGinnis-Photography 8-Rayna-McGinnis-Photography

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