A Most Refreshing Summer Drink | Gin and Tonic with Cucumber

Gin + Tonic + Cucumbers = Total Summer Refreshment

I'm a big fan of signature drinks. They can strengthen your theme or color palette. They can tell a story about you and your partner to your guests. And limiting your beverages to a signature drink, wine and beer (instead of offering a full bar) can save you money.

Gin and tonic with cucumber
Image via HauteApplePie.com

Typically I've been doing a signature drink at the beginning of each month, but the booze Gods were calling to me last night, first with my conversation with @BrokenSaucer followed by cocktails at a girlfriends house. But she didn't serve just any cocktail, she busted out some Hendrick's Gin and tonic. Now I'm not much of a gin drinker myself, but found myself intrigued when she started cutting slices of cucumber into it.

basket of organic cucumbers
Image from The Daily Green

Um, YUM! It was so refreshing and easy to drink. The cucumbers really brightened the more astringent taste of the gin, rounding out the edges of the drink and making it lighter and more refreshing than a standard gin and tonic. Perfect for a summer wedding!!!

Hendrick's Gin and tonic with cucumber
Image from Buttermilk Party Cake

The trick is to use Hendrick's gin, which is infused with cucumber and rose. If you're a gin drinker who wants to have a gin signature drink at your wedding but are afraid that guests won;t go for it, I recommend serving Hendrick's Gin, and have the bartender use smaller glasses so people can get a taste for it first.


  • Check out the Hendrix website for more cocktail ideas (and excuse that gratuitous flash pages that you must wait for to load.)
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