Red + Purple Winter Mountain Wedding at Devils Thumb Ranch | Part 1

Lyndsie + Justin
March 2, 2013
Devil’s Thumb, CO

The toughest part of my job is taking a wedding submission of 99 gorgeous images and narrowing them down to 15 or so for a single post.The brilliant photographers behind IN Photography always makes this task delightfully more difficult. After days of futzing around, trying to edit my favorite 45 images down to a single post, I decided against depriving you of the amazing beauty of this wedding. I’m featuring it in two parts today! Look for part 2 this afternoon :-) Not only are the sweeping views of the Colorado Rockies spectacular, but all the the sweet little details are just perfect. And as always, the bride, Lyndsie, is on the blog today sharing her best Hindsight Advice. Scroll all the way down for more…


2-wedding-dress-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 3-pocket-knife-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 4-briadal-portraits-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 5-purple-bridesmaids-dresses-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 6-red-bout-beaded-horseshoe-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography  8-painted-cowboy-boots-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography


9-rustic-escort-cards-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 10-rustic-ceremony-programs-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 11-hot-chocolate-bar-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 12-hot-chocolate-fixings-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 13-ceremony-portrait-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 14-mountain-ceremony-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography 15-bride-and-groom-in-lodge-Devil's-Thumb-Ranch-Wedding-INphotography

Why a Mountain Wedding?

We chose a mountain wedding because it was something different and unique. We live in Arizona and so a lot of our guests flew out from Arizona and we thought it would be fun for them to experience the mountains and of course the snow!

Where did you find your inspiration?

I saw a picture of Devils Thumb Ranch in the magazine The Knot. I wanted a rustic barn wedding and i was just going to use the picture for inspiration. I then noticed the venue from the picture was located in Colorado and Colorado was where we were looking to get married so it worked out perfect.

What were some personal details you incorporated?

One unique thing we did was we hung pictures on the bathroom doors of Justin and I when we were really young…maybe five years old. On the girls bathroom there was a picture of me and on the guys bathroom a picture of Justin. We have a lot of musically inclined friends so to make our wedding personal, we had a couple friends sing a song they wrote in our wedding ceremony and we also had a friend sing our first dance song.

Your favorite moment of the day.

Looking around at my reception and feeling so special to have all my friends and family together in the same place. I teared up quite a bit when I looked around at how perfect everything was and how lucky I am to have so many amazing people in my life.

Three things you’re glad you did.

  • Waited to see Justin until I walked down the aisle.
  • Photo booth at our reception-It was seriously the biggest hit! People are still telling us how much fun it was.
  • Had a family member officiate our ceremony.

Anything you wish you hadn’t done?

I wish we had hired better wedding day transportation. The shuttle company we hired ended up being a disaster and a lot of guests ended up having to drive themselves even though we paid for transportation.

How did you choose your vendors?

We had a wedding planner who had good vendor referrals. We also used our venues recommendations for vendors.

What is your very best advice to other mountain brides?

Enjoy every second of your wedding day because it goes by soooo fast and then it’s all over with. Hire a great photographer and great videographer because your pictures and video will be the only things you have left after that day.

Devil’s Thumb Wedding Vendors

For DIY, I bought a lot of stuff from etsy and Michaels, including picture frames, and the bride and groom chair signs.