I Love You cookies

Recipe for Love

Happy Valentines Day! Last week, Lauren over at Every Last Detail did a DIY Valentines Dinner inspiration shoot and invited some of her blogger buddies to share their recipes.

DIY Valentines Date

Well, you know me, my mind started bending in all sorts of  directions thinking about it. I thought of sharing the recipes for my favorite fancy meal, for my best comfort food, and of course for my signature cookies and wedding cake.

But the more I looked at Lauren’s pictures, the more I was struck by the simple pleasures shared between Lauren and her Hubs. These pictures show the sweetest gestures of love.

So today I leave you with a recipe for a healthy and happy marriage.

I Love You cookies

  1. Make time for each other! I’m a work-a-holic. When I’m not working, I’m blogging. When I’m not blogging, I’m doing some other project. I get consumed. I was so consumed with wedding planning, Hindsight Groom wanted to elope! He wanted a wife, not a party. Over the years I’ve learned to stop and take time with my Hubs and to be in the moment with him. We ski every weekend; we go out on dates; we snuggle and tickle. Taking time for each other helps to reconnect and keep the relationship strong when the bad times roll through.
  2. Sometimes simple is best. I get crazy during birthdays and the holidays. I feel so obligated to get the biggest and best gift. I stress over saving up enough money for a $300 GoPro or a $700 pair of skis for Hubs. He likes that stuff to be sure. But I’ll tell you this, his smile is always biggest and warmest when I show simple thoughtfulness. For example, when I got home from NYC I baked him brownies to tell him I missed him. Or when I’m at the grocery store, I’ll pick up his favorite treat apropos of nothing. Once I left tiny notes all over the house for him to find during his morning routine. Each one told him what I loved about him and how he’s made me a better person.   Simply being thoughtful and generous in our day-to-day lives far outweighs a big, occasional gift.

blue Valentines love letter

Happy Valentines Day! Make it great, and go look at the rest of the inspiration shoot over on Every Last Detail.