Reality Check | Is a Mountain Wedding Right For You?

Wedding dress hangins in front of mountains in Colorado Springs, COColorado Springs Wedding | Image by Studio Jk Photography

There are so many reasons for getting married in the mountains. Good reasons, too. A few of the most popular reasons for getting married in the mountains are:

  • You actually live in the mountains there and want home town wedding.
  • Your family has a cabin or vacation home in the mountains. You spend childhood summers there and now and you want to share these cherished experiences with your friends and family.
  • The first trip you took with your fiancé was in the mountains.
  • You love to ski, hike, bike, fish, or climb. You’re adventurous and want your sense of adventure reflected in your wedding venue.
  • You simply love nature, and you want a gorgeous outdoor wedding.
  • You found the perfect mountain location that is centrally located for out of town guests.

The Reality of a Mountain Wedding

Mountains are different places. They are not always easy. They can be are rugged, isolated, and prone to seemingly erratic weather. The locals can sometimes be a bit odd and Mountains don’t offer up the easy beauty of, say, a beach. Beauty in the mountains is earned.

  • It can be difficult to find reputable and reliable vendors can be difficult. (Make sure you hire a great planner for destination mountain weddings.)
  • Wedding trends are slower to catch on in some rural, mountainous areas ( The Internet is changing that rapidly, though.)
  • The weather can be intensely foul . I’m talking wind and dust storms that drive guests indoors, snow in July, and violent thunderstorms. (Always have a plan B for your outdoor wedding.)

Then there’s the issue of guest comfort and convenience. If you decide on a mountain wedding, you will likely be asking your guests to:

  • Travel to an isolated area that is difficult to get to;
  • Ask your guests to take multiple flights and long car rides;
  • Stay in an areas where the accommodations and amenities are…well…shall we say “rustic;”

I am not trying to dissuade you from your dream wedding in the mountains, but I do want to be clear that mountain weddings aren’t for everyone.

Not all mountain regions are the same.

For ease and elegance
If you need the more of the cosmopolitain comforts of the city, might I suggest Asheville or The Berkshires, or even the Hudson Valley, which offer gorgeous view of the Catskills with the convenience of the valley.

For adventure
If you and your guests are a rugged adventure-loving lot, might I suggest Alaska or Mammoth Lakes, CA.

Something in between
Something in between? How about Breckenridge, Lake Tahoe, or Aspen?