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Real Hindsight Advice | An Intimate Snowy Winter Wedding

It is snowing in the high country again and Mammoth Mountain has officially announced that the ski area will remain open until the Forth of July. What a perfect day to share Sarah and Jeremy's intimate snowy Breckenridge wedding with you.

Breckenridge Bride and Groom play in the snow

As a winter mountain bride myself, this wedding spoke to me, especially the snow falling. (I have a very special relationship with snow) I of course love all of the beautiful details: the dress, your lovely winter coat, your flowers and Jeremy's purple tie. I also loved the shot of Sarah's boots and all of the delightful food shots.

Winter wedding burgundy red flowers and purple tie

I found most compelling about your wedding was the closeness and intimacy of the day. It's realness. It was so clear that the day was about Sarah and Jeremy–not the dress or the food, nor the flowers, nor the tie.

Black and white snowy mountain bride and groom


One shot I love the best is the one of Sarah and Jeremy in the street: he is helping Sarah with the layers of her dress and she is laughing. From behind my computer screen, I smiled too, for the joy and sweetness of the moment. The joy and intimacy carried to the small wine restaurant where their closest family and friends celebrated with them. Adam & Imthiaz captured a real preciousness in their wedding.

winter Colorado bride and groom

There is a lesson here. Their wedding was indeed gorgeous–no doubt about it–but its is clearly not the vanity fair or spectacle that some weddings have become. Don't get me wrong, as a wedding blogger I love all of the pretty eye candy out there, but I'm also thrilled to offer you all something to ground you–to remind you of what is most important, and to encourage you to enjoy the special moments between you and the ones you love best on your wedding day.

winter wedding reception in Breckenridge

Sarah's Hindsight Advice

Briefly tell us a bit about your wedding, the planning process, what inspired you and/or any special elements you incorporated.

When Jeremy and I sat down to talk about our wedding, we realized that what we wanted was a great dinner with our closest friends and family and we didn't want to get caught up in the small details of things to the point where we weren't having fun anymore.  We wanted it to be small, intimate, and to reflect who were were as a couple.  We chose our restaurant, Ember in Breckenridge, because it has great food, an amazing atmosphere, and wonderful people to work with.  We had our very good friend perform our ceremony.  This ended up being one of the best decisions we made.  It was one off my favorite parts of the whole day.  One of the other very cool things we did was set up Rock Band on the Xbox for our guests to play, rather than having a band.  Guests of all ages had a really great time playing!

Three things you wish you had done:

  • Taken the time to eat our desserts.  I was so busy chatting with guests and playing rock band that I totally forgot about our desserts
  • Purchased a pair of comfy shoes to change into during the reception, my feet were definitely hurting at the end of the night.
  • Actually, I think we did all the rest of the things we wanted. 

Things you wish you hadn't done:

  • Let other people's worries cause me stress

Things you wish you hadn't worried about:

  • My pre-wedding hair cut (5 months before the wedding).  I was so worried that it was too short and I wouldn't be able to do what I wanted. In the end, my hair was exactly what I had pictured.

What is your very best hindsight advice?

  • In the end your family and friends will love you and have a great time no matter what kind of wedding you have; they are there to celebrate with you and share in your joy, so have fun!

Team Wedding

Photographer | Adam & Imthiaz Photography
Venue | Ember
Flowers | Bloom Flower Shop
Gown | Priscilla of Boston

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