In Praise of Rainy Weddings | Top 3 Tips + Eye Candy

I went for  a walk this past evening right after a storm. The sky was still gray, but the heavy clouds broke giving way to warm, diffused light. Everything was a bit crisper, a bit more real. I was reminded one of my favorite weddings on SMP in CO.

rainbow over a rustic wedding venue
Image from Jenna Walker via Style Me Pretty

Here's the deal: It rains a lot in the mountains, especially in the summer. You can expect scattered showers every afternoon in nearly every mountain region in the U.S. during much of summer. But you don't have to let it ruin your wedding. Here are some tips for making your rainy wedding day terrific!

rainy wedding details

Images from Jenna Walker via Style Me Pretty


Top Three Tips for a Rainy Wedding:

  1. Have a back up plan: (Read: Have a tent or an indoor venue you and guests can retreat to. Include in that backup plan any rearranging of decor or furniture. Who will do it? How long will it take? Where will it be rearranged to? If you choose a tent at your outdoor wedding, make sure you have sides to put up. Rain showers in the mountains are often short but can be violent, with strong winds slanting sheets of rain sideways into your tent. Also, make sure the dance floor is under the tent. You will not be able to move it. Also don't overlook a backup plan for the ceremony. Where will you have it in case of rain? If you need to walk from the hotel or somewhere indoors to the aisle, make sure you have someone to hold your dress and someone to hold an umbrella over you. 
  2. Have cute rain gear available:  Cute colorful umbrellas and rain boots adds an element of fun to a rainy wedding. Flip flops can save your guests shoes, and make sure to have warm wraps or pashmina on hand, it can get chilly, especially in the evening after a good hard mountain rain. If you cannot furnish for all of your guests, at the very least instruct them on what to bring in case of rain.
  3. Make a commitment to remain calm and happy {No matter what!} Your guests will follow your lead when it comes to demeanor and attitude. If you;re stressed out, your guests will stress. If you act like the rain is the worst thing to happen {EVER!} your guests will behave as though the wedding is ruined. However, if you remain calm and focus on the true spirit of the day {ahem, it's actually NOT the party; it's the lifelong commitment you're making to your partner} you're guests will do the same. If you use the rain to make your wedding fun and memorable, your guests will have fun and remember the joy of your wedding for years to come.

Rainy Wedding Eye Candy

Here's a fact: Rainy weddings look gorgeous in pictures. Basically the clouds diffuse the light of afternoon weddings, serving as a giant soft box for your photographer. There are no harsh shadows and rain can make everything look mystical and romantic. Here are two more of my favorite rainy weddings from the interwed:

From Cap Classique:

This bride and groom weren't expecting rain when they planned their picnic wedding. But rather than freaking out and retreating indoors, this bride and groom ventured outside to enjoy the rain and snap some stunningly romantic photos.

Black and white picture of a bride and groom in the rain

Bride and groom kiss in the rain

Bride and groom take a romantic walk in the rain
Images Allen and Heather van Gysen via Cap Classique

Another SMP Mountain Wedding

The great thing about rainy mountain weddings is that often times you'll deal with scattered showers rather than an all-day drench. In the wedding below, the bride and groom enjoyed the fair weather when they could, and seized the moment to get some fun pictures when the rain came. The shot of the bride and groom kissing under the clear umbrella is not only sweet, it's a visual representation of the "through good times and bad" wedding vow that is part of the book of common prayer. That bride and groom didn't;t let a little rain get them down; they enjoyed the moment, no matter what that moment brought them.

Bride and Groom under a Clear Umbrella on their wedding day

Beautiful light on a rainy wedding day

rainy wedding day flowers and rings
Images from Erin Hearts Court via Style Me Pretty