Quirky DIY Mountain Wedding in North Carolina

Emily + Dale
October 27, 2012
West Jefferson, North Carolina

This sweet DIY wedding captured by Erika Follansbee Photography is the perfect embodiment of the mountains of North Carolina. The quirky rustic details and personalized handmade touches make this wedding unforgettable. I especially love the unexpected pop of hot pink the bride incorporated with her bold wedding shoes. The bride loved them as well! Scroll down to read Emily’s wedding insghts and hindsight advice…

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Why a Mountain Wedding?

We both have family in the NC mountains, and childhood memories of spending time there. Having our wedding in the mountains was a perfect fit. The location is beautiful, and is special to us and our families.

Where did you find your inspiration? From the location. Our theme was “Rustic Elegance”. We wanted the event to focus on the meaning and joy of marriage. Our details and decorations were simple but distinctive, reflecting the beauty of the surrounding hills.

What were some personal details you incorporated?

Wedding favors that were hearts made of bird seed – something that was eco-friendly, yet unique. And, my pink shoes! I found hot-pink heels to wear…I loved them!

Your favorite moment of the day.

Sooo many! One favorite moment was immediately following the ceremony. The whole wedding party, our minister, and our immediate families were our on the front steps of the church, moments before we’d take photos. There was such joy and laughter…it was thrilling to have just married the one I love, while being surrounded by my closest family and friends!

Three things you’re glad you did.

  1. We took our bride/groom photos after the ceremony. I did not want my husband to see me on our wedding day until I was walking down the aisle, so we chose to take the photos of us together after the ceremony. I’m so happy we did that. I’ll never forget that moment when our eyes met as I was walking down the aisle.
  2. We kept it simple. We had a budget and stuck to it. We had a wonderful wedding and remained debt-free following the event.
  3. I was very subtle about it, but I shared an inside joke with my husband during the ceremony. It made us laugh while we were standing at the front of the church, waiting for the music to finish, and helped us relax and loosen up a bit during the ceremony.

What was the best piece of wedding advice you got?

ENJOY the event! It is so easy to get carried away with the little details, to lose sight of your budget, and to get distracted from what’s really important. Try to keep things in perspective and enjoy the day. The day will fly by, but you’re marrying the love of your life!

Anything you wish you had known about sooner rather than later?

The time it can take to order a wedding dress, and the time it would take to complete dress alterations. Plan ahead to make things stress-free!

 How did you choose your vendors?

We chose local vendors for our caterer and cake provider, as well as our florist. We met with each of them before the event to taste-test the food, and to discuss what we wanted for the event. My sister-in-law handled the decorations and did an amazing job! Our photographer is a dear friend of mine, which made it even more special to work with her!

What is your very best advice to other mountain brides?

Again, I’d have to say, ENJOY the event! It will pass by so quickly! When the day of your wedding arrives, know that you have done all you can do to make today absolutely fabulous. All may not go quite according to plan, but at the end of the day, you will have married the love of your life…and that’s really all that matters!

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