Puppy Love | My First Love {Personal}

Those of you who have faithfully being following the Hindsight Bride, you know that I rarely (if ever) post personal information or stories. This decision is manifold, but suffice to say, I prefer to concentrate of weddings exclusively. But today I’m making an exception, in part because I need the catharsis of writing, and in part to explain why some posts have been so late recently.

Black white and tan border collie named maggie

Last week my beloved border collie mix, Maggie, was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure. Her kidneys are shutting down. She’s very sick. While I have hope that we’ll be able to stabilize her and she will live at least a handful more years, I have come face-to-face with the fact that I will have to let her go at some point. Maggie and I have been fast friend for eight years. She has seen me through break ups, graduate school and has been a fine running companion. It’s hard to imagine life without her.

Maggie in a field

I’m not an idiot. I knew the day would come. In fact, on the day I picked her out from a pack of abandoned ranch dogs who ended up overwhelming the tiny local animal shelter, I knew our time together would be finite. I looked at her and knew she would break my heart someday when she died. I’m really not ready for that day to be soon. I am indeed heartbroken. So today, in honor of Maggie, I have a small roundup of wedding dogs. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of dogs at weddings. Maggie was not at our wedding. But I am a huge fan of dogs. And today I just need to be reminded of all the good times we share with our pets.


Image from Unknown via The Wedding Window and Ruffled Blog

Image from Unknown via Wedding in Tuscany

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