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If designer wedding dresses by Priscilla of Boston are good enough for country sweetheart Miranda Lambert, honey you know they’re fabulous for the rest of us too! Lambert wore the sweetest little dress from the Vineyard Collection. Then she had the designer of the same collection, Mark Brower, design custom bridesmaids dresses.

Short Wedding dress form Priscilla of Boston

Personally, I love the Vineyard Collection. It’s gorgeous and hip with design elements to surprise and delight. Here are my top five picks for mountain brides from the Vineyard Collection:


I just love short wedding dresses. Love them! Not only are they cute and sweet, they’re quite practical for the outdoorsy, woodland mountain bride, or the picnic mountain bride. Why, because you won;t have to worry about your dress dragging through the dirt and the grime all day long. Want the formality of a long gown with the convenience of a shorter one? Take a cue from Lambert and change into a shorter dress for your reception.

Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Trish



Oh Tessa how I love thee! That shoulder wrap makes perfect for the mountain bride, especially western mountain brides who will likely deal with more drastic temperature drops in the evening. The full skirt is formal enough for a grand lodge wedding, while the cascading ruffles add a playful touch. Playfulness is a common trait among us mountain brides.

Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Tessa



Like the Tessa, the Lindsey is perfect for that more formal grand lodge wedding, but with less coverage at the shoulders. This would be perfect for an old historic estate in the Berkshires.

Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Lindsey



I think this may be one of the most versatile wedding gowns for mountain brides. The lace is classically elegant and would be as appropriate at a ranch or a lodge as it would in an historic inn or estate. It’s also long so you can go formal, but with the slimmer skirt, you can also wear it if your wedding is more casual.

Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Nora



Chelsea is definitely a mountain meadow bride. The whimsical flower applique on combined with the empire cut with flowing skirt screams of delicate wildflowers gently swaying in the breeze. Hyperbole? No way! This dress is perfect for the natural outdoorsy bride. In fact, the flowing skirt may remind you of e destination beach wedding, but the flower bust grounds the dress, making it appropriate for the more rugged or lush landscape of the mountains.

Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Chelsea