‘Pops of Pink’ Styled Shoot Overlooking Italy’s Lake Maggiore

The event planner, Manuela Gioria, had the vision to promote the concept of an intimate wedding and show it directly in contact with the nature that surrounds us. She wanted to specifically focus on this certain small town on the hills, within walking distance from Lake Maggiore, a place where she finds peace and inner well-being. The styled shoot incorporated a range of sweet treats and bright florals all while overlooking a beautiful body of water. The photos of the shoot bring you serenity and perfectly reflects Gioria’s inspiration.

What was your design inspiration?

The romance and beauty of nature are the setting for my wedding shooting.

Describe your flowers.

The flowers give a touch of panache and sprint to the frame of the
Lake Maggiore and the luxuriant nature of the Val
Grande that surrounds the viewpoint of San Salvatore in Premeno.

Describe your cake.

The three-story wedding cake is refined and elegant. It was made using the same flowers as the refined decor and with the same chosen pink colors.

Tell us about your attire choices.

The bride and groom’s clothing was elegant and at the same time youthful and intriguing. The lace added a precious touch to the clothing. The bridesmaids dresses were sparkling and colorful that made them stand out and contrast (one red and the other pink & gold).

Please describe any DIY, handmade or personal details.

The preparation of the Tableau de Mariage was made by me in collaboration with Francesca di Flowerinme and the event designer, Mary Persico, who also took care of the invitations.