Bless your heart Table number

Pleased as Punch to See these Unique Table Numbers

I miss Asheville so much! I miss spring in the south, when everything thing is in full bloom. I thought I was pretty lucky growing up with New England autumns, but nothing, I say nothing, is as beautiful as springtime in western North Carolina. I saw on Tuesday's Frog that the Rhododendrons are blooming. I'm sure at my old house up on Mount Lynn Lowry, the dogwood-lines street is in full bloom. My heart aches just thinking about it.

Pleased as Punch Table number

So when I saw these cute table numbers I just had to share them. Not only do they bring back fond memories of my time in the south. What a way to personalize your wedding and give guests (especially out-of-town-ers) sense of place. I'm sure these sparked a few conversations and fond memories.

Bless your heart Table number

Images from Unknown via Brink of Bridezilla