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Peony, Mason Jar & Macaron Alternatives

Rogue Bride | Guest Post

Hello HSB readers. I am taking a little stay-cation with the Hindsight Groom, this week and the beginning of next. I’ll be in and out. Today we’re going mountain biking so  The Rogue Bride has graciously agreed to fill in with a guest blog today. I think it’s a timely post given the recent Dear Wedding Blogger’s post.

whoopie pie trendPhotos from Williams-Sonoma & Martha Stewart via Edyta Photography

Hello Hindsight Bride readers – It’s a pleasure to be your guest blogger today, especially since Christie has asked me to write about my favorite subject: Defying ubiquitous wedding trends. I’m talking to you Mason jars. So Christie told me “stop whining about it and give us some better options.” I find myself giving that same advice frequently, usually to politicians on the TV, but I’m happy to take my own medicine.

Down with Peonies

Peonies used to be my favorite flower – until I started seeing them everywhere. According to Sarinya Villanueva from The Daily Petal, 99% of her clients request peonies. And most strongly dislike carnations (why the hate ladies?). But there are a lot of other flowers out there and I say let’s give them some love. I asked Sarinya for her expert advice on flowers that aren’t peonies.

To create the softness we love about peonies, Sarinya made the first bouquet with white and yellow ranunculus and white lisianthus: “When you group these types of fluffy blooms, you can give the illusion of a single large blossom, often with an even more elaborate petal pattern to create more interest.” The second bouquet features blush and green tulips, garden and spray roses, sprouting blackberries and rununculus, finished off with lace and a vintage broach. Is anybody missing peonies right now? Bring on the blackberries!

ranunculus bouquets

These bouquets use carnations to imitate peonies, effectively putting the kabosh on the love peony/hate carnation trend. I gotta love a rebel florist. Sarinya says “I am a huge fan of carnations. They are so hardy, come in a spectrum of colors, and are cheap. The key to using carnations is to design them properly and use them where it is appropriate.”

Carnation bouquets


For those of you who aren’t interested in the peony aesthetic altogether and want something totally different, feast your eyes on these. If you’re lucky enough to find a florist like Sarinya, I encourage you to just say “Here’s my budget, here are the wedding colors, go be brilliant.” My favorite is the top right – it’s white roses and sage.

succulent, lilac, sage and dahlia bouquets

Maddening Mason Jars

Christie has defended Mason jars brilliantly, saying that any bride should support them because they are both affordable and easy to come by. I can’t argue. I’m all for brides saving money by being creative. But we don’t all have to be creative by causing a Mason jar overload (and a severe shortage of them in thrift stores across the country).

I trekked to a couple thrift stores to see what I could find. Note: I only found 2 whole Mason jars, and I think the prices on those have skyrocketed due to supply and demand. Time for a change.

Vintage glassware

You’ll save money on flowers as well if you put a few pretty posies in these smaller vessels. How about floating candles in old champagne glasses, and a few buds in newer champagne glasses? But, this table arrangement that I’m creating in my head needs some height.

Florist Vases

Come to the rescue. If you’ve ordered anything from 1-800 Flowers in the last ten years, you’ve probably already got one. Or ten. Your family probably has a mess of them too – and I guarantee they aren’t using them. Source your family for these vases, and if you need more, thrift stores are overflowing with them. You’ll have a cute variety of different shapes and sizes, perfect for holding larger flowers. Or, if you get the clear ones, you can fill them with water and orchids, and top with a floating candle for an elegant look.

mix and match glassware

Tea Cups

If the shabby-chic aspect of the Mason jars appeals to you, then consider mismatched tea cups and saucers. Alice in Wonderland weddings have been huge this year, but even if the Mad Hatter is not on your guest list, just imagine these sweet cups holding pretty posies, or place cards, or table numbers. If you want height – try stacking them (with some putty to anchor everything in place, and be prepared for some casualties).

Even Martha has put her stamp of approval on this idea. I love how she uses the cups for candle holders and the saucers to hold little roses.

Sarinya even had an idea for using an old broken lamp to make something like this:

alternative centerpiece ideas


Macaron Shmacaron

Don’t know what a Whoopie Pie is? Think Macaron for Dummies. Similar look, but bigger, with cake instead of those high-maintenance meringues. According to one site, they’re a 2011 wedding trend.

Since they’re essentially small cakes (or very fluffy cookies, depending on your view), you can even use cookie cutters to create red velvet hearts

read heart shaped whoopie piesImage from Edible Crafts

Check out this video from the authors of Whoopie Pies, to see what these little goodies can do:


You’ll notice that Whoopie Pies look quite a bit like Macarons in size, shape and structure. So if you’re looking to venture even deeper into the different, I’d start with tarts.

Pies have been moving into the wedding scene, but there’s a reason why the Queen of Hearts made Tarts on a summer’s day. They’re adorable, versatile, and make a gorgeous display that doesn’t get messy like when you’re cutting into a giant pie. For DIY Brides, nothing is easier than a key-lime pie tart. You just buy those little pre-made mini Keebler graham cracker crusts at the store, fill them with your favorite key-lime pie recipe, and top with a pretty garnish. With a custard base, you can make any kind of fruit tart, but don’t forget chocolate-hazelnut tarts or pumpkin pie tarts with toasted meringue on top. Get creative!


For my own wedding, I’m boycotting peonies, pastel color schemes, mason jars, and macarons. I’m the Rogue Bride; rebellion is what I do. But if you love all of the above, go for it. Go big, or go home, that’s what I say.