Park City Utah Bridal Shoot with a Princess Gown and Purple Belt

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When I was little, I was never one to fawn over weddings. (Check out that story HERE.) But I did play house with a neighbor friend, and she routinely insisted that we “marry” our imaginary husbands before commencement of each session of house. To this day I cannot figure out whether she was just an old-fashioned seven-year–old or if she was one of those girls who started dreaming about her wedding “ever since she was a little girl.” Nonetheless, the ritual would unfailingly begin with each of us describing , in rich detail, The Dress we would “wear.” That was it. We didn’t discuss cute favors or signature cocktails or clever photo booths. A full 3/4 of the conversation was devoted to that dress. In fact, the entire “wedding” consisted of one of us walking regally down “the aisle” with some sort of “bouquet” in hand, to an invisible husband, who somehow didn’t quite warrant the rich description that The Dress did.

Every time I publish a bridal shoot, I am reminded of my very first imaginings of a wedding, that were in essence a dress, a bouquet, and an inner sense of beauty so profound that I could hold my head up high in front of my friend (and even in front of my mom should she barge into my room unexpected to find us ) wrapped in sheets holding a bouquet of weeds, or pencils, or what-have-you. I knew I was the picture of beauty in that moment because I was a Bride, and there is always something  so inherently gorgeous about a bride in her dress.

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