Old barn as an alter

Outdoor Wedding Ideas that Save a Bunch on Decor

Less is more in the great outdoors

When Hindsight Groom and I started planning our wedding(s), we knew we would get married outside. Why? Well, among other things, we knew if we chose a beautiful setting with amazing mountain views that we could save a bunch on decor. Fact is, you just don’t need to worry about decorating mountains.

mountains as alterImage from Julie Williams Photography via Hindsight Bride

But there are plenty of alternative ceremony alters besides mountains. Here are a few I’ve come across from Real Hindsight Brides:

Under a Tree

tree as alterImage from Leslie Allen Photo via Hindsight Bride


In Front of a Barn

Old barn as an alterImage from Scott McNamara (no longer a photographer) via Hindsight Bride


On the Stairs

stairs as alterImage from Adam & Imthiaz Photography via Hindsight Bride

In Front of a Historic House

historic house as alterImage from Oeil Photography via Hindsight Bride


Near a Pond

pond as alterImage from K&S photography via Hindsight Bride


In Front of a Fireplace:

fireplace as alterImage from Archibald Photography via Hindsight Bride


Do you have a fresh idea for your ceremony space? Share it with us!