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Outdoor Hudson Valley Wedding with Handmade Details

As promised, here’s part 2 of this gorgeous Hudson Valley wedding. If you missed it, check out yesterday’s post with amazing emotional details. One of my favorite parts from yesterday is that the bride AND the groom were walked down the aisle by their parents. Today, these gorgeous handmade details will make you swoon!
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From the Bride

When people asked me how I feel about our wedding now, I often say that it was like eating the most delicious chocolate cake: dense, full, rich and enjoying each bite of a huge slice. Our wedding was, for both of us, a wondrous, rich experience of love, community and belly laughs. It was truly what we wanted, and we feel very grateful for it. Our weekend away in the Catskills was full of good food and tremendous people, and enough time to enjoy it. The weekend came together through the love and fun and volition of our incredible group of friends and family. hand-twined tea candles, hand-stamped signs, hand cut five bunting flags, and homemade bouquets brought the day together. Our wedding ceremony was quite a crispy April day. People were wrapped up in coats and pashminas and I don’t even remember feeling cold. I remember standing across from my husband, looking out at the incredible wave of people, and thinking my heart could not be more full. I looked out many times during the ceremony, wanting to imprint each loving face in my mind and in my heart, and it’s one of my favorite memories. I remember the first dance with my husband, listening to the amazing jazz band singing “I’m Just a Lucky So and So,” opening my eyes, seeing the beautiful community around us, being overcome with joyful tears, closing them again and repeating that; seeing the community, and then feeling them, all while dancing with my love. Such an incredible, joyful treat. I know a lot of people say “It went by in a blur!” And it was a fast moving day. But it’s not a blur. It’s an emotional, full, day in which I cried from joy and fullness as much as I laughed. We used the Rumi poem “This Marriage” as an anchor for the day, using words from the poem as the table names. The last lines of the poem are “I am out of words to describe how spirit mingles in this marriage.” And that’s how I feel; both full of words and out of them. Totally delighted and incredibly grateful.

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