Etsy Eye Candy: Origami Flowers and Favors

Bouquets + Seating Cards + Fortune Poppers

I had fantasies of making and origami bouquet and crane decoration. I bought a bunch of origami paper, did a number of Google searches, and sat down to practice. It was a disaster! While I can remember folding origami cranes for my dying grandfather, the skills are gone now. I decided to forego origami for our wedding. But if you're in the same boat, there is hope!

A couple of months back I did a post about Etsy Finds email newsletter. I find so many wonderful items and sellers through this service. This past week, I saw a gorgeous origami bouquet Origami bouquet. As often happens, it sold out quickly.

But I have a new tip for you. If an Etsy  item you love sells out, click on the sellers other items/ Often times you'll find an identical item. In fact there is another origami bouquet for sale. But I also found sweet and inexpensive origami seating cards and unique, colorful origami fortune "poppers." These are like fortune cookies but made with paper instead.


All origami creations by My Bohemian Summer

pale origami bouquet
"Forever Yours" Origami Wedding Bouquet 


origami crane seating card
"Bird of Happiness" Origami Crane Favor 


colorful origami fortune poppers
Origami Fortune Poppers


Origami crane escort card
"Birds of Happiness" Origami Crane Place Card 


colorful origami flower bouquet
Autumn Origami Bridal Bouquet