Orange Wedding Ideas for Mountain Brides

It’s been a while since I’ve done an inspiration board. In part, I stopped because I didn’t want them to overlap with my guest’s posts on Tahoe Unveiled. But also, after Dear Wedding Bloggers, I shifted my focus to content that is more substantial and useful. You can find gorgeous weddings all around the internet; what you need is a perspective (in this case a “mountainside” perspective)  and solid planning advice (ala Hindsight Advice and Lookback Lessons).

rustic orange wedding detailsFirst Row: By C STUDIOS via Style Me Pretty | By Orange Girl Photographers via Style Me Pretty
Second Row: By Orange Turtle Photography via Style Me Pretty

Nonetheless, I was recently reminded of how important inspiration is to the wedding planning process. As I was going through my old planning folders looking for documents to share for next week’s Look Back Lesson, I ran into all of my old inspiration clippings from my planning days and beginning blogger days, and realized how important the process of collecting and curating images is for understanding one’s style, and for bringing all the little details together.

DIY orange inspired wedding detailsFirst Row: By “Unknown” via Martha Stewart Weddings | Martha Stewart (with recipe)
Second Row: By Naomi V Photography, Styling by Luminoso Blu Events via Bubble and Sweet | By Three Blondes and a Camera via Style Me Pretty

So today I bring you orange. Big, bold, beautiful orange. Why? Well, to start, it’s a lovely color, suited for both modern and rustic weddings. Orange also symbolizes courage and adventure – a typical trait in intrepid and sporty mountain people.

bohemian inspired natural orange wedding detailsFirst Row: Etsy Seller Pink Lily Press | Martha Stewart Weddings via Intimate Weddings
Second Row: Bikini Birdie via Style Me Pretty

Lastly, orange (or rather a rich golden color that reminds me of orange) is a key color in my newest project. I’ve been working hard to unveil it to you as quickly as possible. Get ready. It’s big. It’s going to require tricky 301 redirects and maybe even a few changes to your own RSS feeds. But it will be worth it, and I think you’ll love it, AND I know you’ll find it super useful. OK, that’s enough; I’m zipping my lip for now… MWAH!

vintage inspired black and orange wedding detailsFirst Row: Free Love Photography (St. Louis, MO) via Love Your Way | Millie Holloman via Salt Harbor Designs
Second Row: Paige Winn Photo via Oh Lovely Day | The Kitchen Sink

Orange Wedding Ideas:

  • A little goes a long way. Orange is a hot color and its rich saturation can be overwhelming in large amounts. Temper it with softer colors such as pinks and pale golds.
  • Or try complimentary bold colors for variety, such as reds, and salmon. Mix it with hot pink for a festive look.
  • Or how about even pairing pale orange a light blue, and natural the looking tans and browns found in paper and twine details?
  • Check out the Perfect Palette blog for, well, perfect palettes.
  • Bold orange looks lovely with plain brown paper details in a rustic wedding.
  • Incorporate orange into your signature drink or other food items. How about Blood orange margaritas? A carrot wedding cake (or cupcakes) or a fresh orange as a favor?
  • Pair orange with neutrals like gray, black, white, cream, ivory, or beige for an understated and sophisticated look.