North Georgia Mountain Engagement Shoot with Balloons

McKenzie + Garrett
December 2012
North Georgia, near Lookout Mountain.

We have Smoky Mountain Wedding Photographer Aislinn Kate Photography from The Experience 2013 at WPPI on the blog again today. To see Aislinn’s work from that styled shoot, scroll to the bottom :-)

In the meantime, look at this sweet winter shoot in North Georgia! McKenzie and Garrett live in Tennessee, but came to Lookout Mountain over the holidays for this sweet winter engagement session. McKenzie and Garrett were high school sweethearts. They incorporated photos of them over the past decade, and hung them from the limbs of grandma’s magnolia tree. It was 27 degrees when they started the shoot, but they were troopers and don’t look a bit cold!

Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1001_low Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1008_low Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1012_low Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1021_low Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1027_low Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1034_low Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1046_low Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1068_lowHale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1049_low  Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1078_low Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1082_low Hale_Gregory_Aislinn_Kate_Photography_Engagement1085_low

Photographer:  Aislinn Kate Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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