Twice As Nice Chamonix Wedding | Part 2 The Church Ceremony

Kristell + Dominique
Chamonix, France
January 2012

Welcome to part two of a twice as nice mountain wedding in the Alps. (Check out Part 1) As a fellow mountain bride and avid skier, I love that it snowed for this couple’s wedding. I also love the community parade from church to reception site. Note that the groom is leading the pack while playing his guitar. Just awesome! Other details to love: the gondola escort cards, the “Oui” sign at the alter, and yet another adorable mid-century modern wedding dress. Oh, and how about those lovely purple balloons in the church? LOVE!

From the Bride:

My husband and I decided to get married in Chamonix because we absolutely fell in love with the restaurant (La Cabane des Praz) and the chapel. Plus, we really wanted a dreamy winter wedding with a lot of snow around us.

We wanted a relaxed and cosy wedding and the big point was “to have fun with our loved ones”!

We did everything by ourselves and just asked Monica to arrange the ceremony, we had to make sure it was OK in the chapel and find someone as a celebrant and that was not easy as we were not in Chamonix to manage this. Monica has been so helpful and efficient during the preparation, it was great to have her in our team. :)

I made the guests’ favors by myself, the flower jars, the cable cars sitting plan, the ceremony booklets, menus, and the “OUI” sign in the chapel.

We tried to personalize our wedding as much as we could— we wanted it to reflect our personalities and I think it worked pretty well.

We’ve had a lot of fun, and some nervous times as well, to get this to work all together. For example, the day before the wedding we tried to make the heating for the chapel work. We had to move the motor from the road next to the chapel because the electric cables were not long enough. It was so heavy and snowing so hard that we couldn’t move it as wished… Monica was with us trying to make a path in the snow for the motor… impossible!!! Funny and despairing :-)

We were finally cold in the chapel as the motor was not working correctly, but as it was a winter wedding so it was absolutely OK (for us). :-)

The wedding was amazing, the food was perfect and everybody had a lot of fun and danced all night long.

I even had to change my shoes twice and ended up barefoot!! :)

Our winter wedding dream came totally true!

Team Chamonix Wedding

  • Ceremony held in the Chapelle des Praz
  • Celebrant: Pierre-Henri Thérond (Gracefully.fr)
  • Restaurant: La Cabane des Praz, Hervé
  • D-Day planner: Monica Delevaux (Haute Pursuit)
  • Hair: Mario Deodato
  • Make-up: Arnaud Buchs
  • Photo: Josh Fassbind (Joshfassbind.com)
  • Video: David Bangura (Passion Images)
  • Wedding tux : Izac / Hugo Boss
  • Wedding Dress: Gueule d’Ange
  • Shoes: H&M
  • Boots: Lacoste

♥♥♥ Don’t forget to check out part 1. It’s a lovely civil ceremony in Geneva. The bride’s dress is totally Hepburn!