Spring inspiration bridesmaid dresses

New England Bridemaid Inspiration

Spring inspiration bridesmaid dresses

Some brides giving their bridesmaids full control over the style and color of their dresses. The bride may only ask her ‘maid to stay in a certain color palette and that’s it. Bridesmaids are increasingly finding themselves freed from the constraints of shopping for expensive, poorly-made, confections that they’ll likely not wear again. Now they can shop for a dress anywhere. I particularly love the pretty floral garden wedding dresses (above.) The Navy dresses (below) would be perfect for a day-time Estate Wedding.

White dress for bridesmaids or the bride

Other brides, are opting for simpler, more casual white or ivory bridesmaids dresses for their wedding dress, or reception dress.

The following video, Amanda, from the Assets Jeans Co in North Conway, New Hampshire,  gives tips and inspiration for your bridal party’s dresses.

Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration – Assets Jeans Co and Spring Smith Studios from meg simone on Vimeo.

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