Naturopathica Eye Brightening Serum | Review

Nautropathica Vitamin K Eye Serum


Naturopathica eye serum




  • $72 USD
  • Contains all natural ingredients, including vitamin K, cape chamomile oil, mica, and silica
  • Used to combat dark circles under the eye





Wedding planning is not always easy on our bodies. We wake up in the middle of the night unable to get back to sleep. We try to shunt phone calls to appointments with vendors into an already full schedule. And all those parties can leave you dehydrated and sleep deprived much more often than you’re used to. All these thinks can make you look run down and tired.

I can’t think of a more apt time to paper yourself, nor can I think of a time where there’s more incentive to look your best. In fact, I loved experimenting with my hair and make-up while planning my wedding. I felt radiant and beautiful form the inside out. But I also was plagued with insomnia and was drinking more than usual in celebration of my upcoming nuptials. Between meeting friends for congratulatory drinks, to our Jack and Jill shower, to my bachelorette party to out two wedding celebrations, my skin got hammered and I often looked tired. I turned to Clinique’s All About The Eyes eye cream and serum for help.

They worked well, but they’re nothing compared to Naturopathica’s Brightening Serum. First, it’s all natural. No mystery chemicals in the list of ingredients. This is important to me. I try to buy all-natural products when I can. Unfortunately some of them don’t work as well as others. Naturopathica’s Brightening Serum is different.

When I first applied it I was pleasantly surprised by the herbal smell. The cream was incredibly rich and was silky smooth going on. It made the delicate skin under my eyes feel well moisturized.

The brightening effects are immediate. The vitamin K is supposed to reduce darkness, but it’s the mica and silica that reflects the light, making you’re under eye area look noticeably brighter. Mica has historically been used as the reflective material in miners head lamps.

Be careful though. You don’t need a lot. I used a full pump of the stuff when I first got it and ended up with a gooey mess. Instead, use the tiniest amount (you can always apply more.) In fact, I’ve been using it for a month and have barely used any. It will last fo rthe entire duration of your engagement as long as you don’t use more than you need.

I wear it under my Boots no 7 tinted moisturizer. The combination of eye brightener with a hint of coverage is all I needed to too refreshed and rested.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Works instantly
  • Deep moisturizing effects
  • A little goes a long way


  • Price. At $72, it’s definitely an investment. However, the tiny half ounce bottle will last you all year. And, compared to the two products that I was using (which costs $55 respectively,) this product lasts longer.


The Fine Print:

Naturopathica is not a patron or sponsor of Hindsight Bride. However, I did receive a free sample of this product