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Hi Fi Weddings is another one of my favorite blogs because it’s both useful AND beautiful. Ashley’s Indie style and love of great music shines through in every post.


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What I Love About Hi Fi Weddings

If you’re like me, you struggled with your play list. Sure you know a dozen or two songs that you want to include, but can you keep the energy up for a 6 hour reception and dance party. It’s tough. No worries, Ashely’s got your back. You’ll find some of the freshest ideas for both your wedding AND your wedding playlist. Be sure to check out the Tunes to Play: Your Wedding Songs for fresh playlist ideas.

Oh, and tell me your jaw doesn’t drop when you hear how Ashley got into blogging! And then join me in a moment of thanks for Ashley being in the blogging world to share her badass inspiration and fantastic taste in music. Oh, and check out her other blog, where she chronicles the restoration of her 100-year old house: http://therealverticalhouse.com/


What You’ll Love About Hi-Fi Wedding


An Interview with Ashley:

Hi Fi Wedding

My blog in one word: music-centric

Tell us about your blogging routine: Sometimes I will get enough time to sit down and schedule posts a couple of weeks in advance. Most of the time I write and schedule a post before I go to bed. Occasionally, especially in summer months, I’ll blog when I wake up and try to have the day’s post up before noon.

My blog is known for: tunes and love!

How did you come up with the name for your blog: I actually had the idea for the site in my head (and scribbled onto paper) for 3 months before I could come up with a name. One day my husband and I were sorting through a stash of records we got in (we own a record store) and I commented on how I love the “Hi-Fi Stereo” font on a particular album. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks HI-FI WEDDINGS! Duh, of course! Immediately we registered the domain name…and voila!

How did you get into blogging? I guess I should start with how I got my first computer. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 15 (in remission now yeah buddy!) and the Make a Wish foundation granted my second wish of owning a laptop (my first wish was a walk on role on the next Tim Burton film lol). That laptop pretty much became my best friend. Way back when LiveJournal was the hottest thing to hit the internet (I believe it was 1999?) I signed up for an account to document the treatments and keep in touch with a lot of my friends who were moving away to college. I’ve been hooked ever since. Aside from Hi-Fi Weddings I also have the Vertical House Records blog, my White Rabbit Studios site (I’m also a wedding and lifestyle photographer), as well as my personal blog that documents our 100+ year old house restoration and our everyday life, and my tumblr. Basically, I love blogging :)

Tell us something only your closest friends know about you. I have crazy, intense dreams that sometimes reflect or predict the future. I can easily lucid dream which can sometimes be fun…other times it gets annoying, not getting a full night’s sleep.

If you could only choose one key wedding detail for your wedding, what would it be? Our wedding playlist, hands down. It’s what we spent the most time on, curating it to reflect our favorite love songs. We also created CD favors for the guests from that playlist, so that took a lot of time burning, designing, and putting together.

Your favorite place in the world is our house, in my husband’s arms, surrounded by our kitties.

I’m totally addicted to instagram (my handle is verticalhouse)

I love wearing vintage dresses

My writing style comes from my brain…I pretty much write how I talk!



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