Mountain Honeymoon | What To Pack In Your Carry On

Mountain Honeymoon: What To Pack In Your Carry On

Are you so ready to ditch all this wedding planning and head out on to your honeymoon in the mountains? Can you already smell the pine trees, taste the hot cocoa, and feel the fresh powder under your feet? Have you started packing yet? No? Not to be too pushy but maaaaybe you should get on that. Otherwise, packing for your honeymoon somehow always becomes a last minute operation during those last frantic weeks before the wedding. No worries though, to help you out, I’ve compiled a little list of what to pack in your carry on for a winter honeymoon:

Mountain Honeymoon | What To Pack In Your Carry On

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  1. A good-sized weekend bag is the perfect size for a carry on because it will fit under the seat in front of you! The roomy interior and extra pockets make it a good choice.
  2. A thick infinity scarf can be used during your honeymoon and is great as an extra layer on the plane (sometimes, those flights can get chilly).
  3. When packing for a trip in your carry on – I cannot recommend using packing cubes enough! They are amazing at eliminating wasted space plus they really keep things organized.
  4. A clear zip-top bag (it should be TSA-approved for toiletries) plus a small bag for electronics can keep you organized and stop all that endless digging for bits and pieces.
  5. Your flight or delays could be long so be sure to add a Kindle Fire (or book) while you pack. That way, you can snuggle together and watch a movie or read a book while you wait.
  6. Save you space in your carry on and wear your slouchy knit hat on the plane. An added bonus is that it let’s you cover up your bedhead (do you really want to get out of your post-wedding day bed and shower  when you could  be doing other things?).
  7. So cliche but sooooo comfy – Uggs are perfect for travel to winter locales (and easy to slip on and off at security checkpoints).
  8. Toss in a travel journal. It’s nice to be able to jot down your honeymoon memories and thoughts (or just make a shopping list in a pinch).
  9. Trust me when I tell you to pack your tooothbrush, chapstick, and hand lotion. You’ll need them and it seems like they ALWAYS get forgotten.
  10. A good quality camera that’s waterproof, freezeproof, and shockproof. I like this one since it fits in your hand so well and it’s brightly colored (making it easier to find if you drop it in the snow).
  11. Along with a hat and scarf, you cannot go wrong if you toss some cozy mittens in your carry on. Pop them on while waiting for your shuttle or navigating your way to slope-side bar.

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What are your mountain honeymoon carry on essentials?