Mountain Engagement Session during the Colorado Floods

Imagine that you fly your photographer into Colorado from Chicago to capture your engagement photos and, that week, Colorado experiences the worse floods on record. What do you imagine happening? Like most blips, glitches and weather-related setbacks in the world of weddings and engagements, this couple and their amazing photographer, Ashley Biess, found a way to make it perfect!  And no matter what happens at your wedding or engagement shoot, your moment will be perfect too!

1-Mountain-Engagement-Ashley-Biess-Photography 2-Mountain-Engagement-Ashley-Biess-Photography 3-Mountain-Engagement-Ashley-Biess-Photography 4-Mountain-Engagement-Ashley-Biess-Photography 5-Mountain-Engagement-Ashley-Biess-Photography 6-Mountain-Engagement-Ashley-Biess-Photography

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From the Photographer

Erin and Scott will be returning to their roots in Illinois for their 2014 wedding, but they wanted to capture the beautiful Rocky Mountains that they love so much in their new home in Denver. Of course, the weekend we scheduled the shoot happened to be during the worst flood Colorado has seen in over 50 years! Even worse, the original location for the shoot was being evacuated and only emergency vehicles were allowed on the roads. I spent the morning in my hotel room looking up road closures and radar maps to make a new plan that would still give Erin and Scott their mountain top engagement dream. We drove through the rain storm as we made our way to Mount Evans near Idaho Springs. I saw a small patch of blue sky out in the distance and hoped that we were headed in that direction. We waited out the rain at our first stop, Echo Lake Park. We were able to get just enough shots at the beautiful setting before more rain came our way. The park ranger told us to only expect more rain, but we decided there was nothing to lose and made our way up to the top of Mount Evans. Much to our luck, we found that patch of blue sky I had seen earlier and it ended up being the most beautiful view. Despite the cool temperatures, Erin was a trooper and changed into a dress with a bright orange-red cardigan and boots. The contrast of the bright red against the colors of the mountains popped vividly. We made it up to about 13,000 feet high on Mount Evans. Erin, Scott and I joked and called this “extreme engagement photography”. It was spectacular and I definitely can’t wait to do it again!

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Submitted via Two Bright Lights