bride and groom holding a we-do banner

Mount Rainer National Park Wedding

Melissa & Garrett
Total budget:
under $4,000
Wedding day: 7/2/11

From Stephanie: One of the HOTTEST days of the year. It was boiling during the ceremony. Once we made it up to the top of the mountain, where the snow was, it become a lot more manageable. The bride wore hiking boots for some of our images.

Wedding rings on Mount Rainer PostcardsBride walks across snow in a Mount Rainer Wedding
Bride and groom near a snow bank
Groom getting ready in the parking lot at Mount Rainer National ParkGreen satin wedding shoes bridesmaids holding colorful bouquets with Mount Rainer in the Background  reception table at Mount Rainer National Park Bride and groom in the lodge at Mount Rainer National Park Bride and groom kissing rustic lodge and postcard place cards bride and groom holding a we-do bannerFrom the bride: “We picked out our flowers the morning of the wedding at Pike Place Market. I knew I wanted peonies and didn’t have a specific color scheme, just something bright and pretty. I let my bridesmaids pick whatever they wanted for their bouquets. We spent a total of $20.00 for all 3 bouquets! We made the grooms boutonniere out of my bouquet. Most of our inspiration came from us and who we are. We wanted small, intimate and unlike any other wedding. We wanted it to be natural and simple. Low stress so we could truly enjoy the day and not worry about anything. Our wedding had to be at Mt. Rainier National Park. It’s a special place for us, we have enjoyed camping there and it’s gorgeous! We couldn’t imagine a more perfect place. I’m extremely happy that we planned everything in just a little over a month. It left such little time to second-guess our decisions and stew on things. We picked things in the moment and everything fell into place and was perfect on our special day. My biggest piece of advice is to not let other people influence your vision and desires. This is YOUR day. People tend to majorly overstep their bounds so you have to be ok with saying no and keeping firm to your vision. Also don’t stress out, things will always work out beautifully. I didn’t stress for one moment.”

Team Wedding