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Product Review

Mon Mode Purse Hanger

I was so happy when Mon Mode contacted me about their product. I had recently been to a sushi bar and they didn't have a hook under the bar for my purse. I ended up with it in my lap throughout dinner. It was not a small purse so having it in my lap was ackward. But I had no other choice. I typically carry my iPad in my purse. I neither want it stolen nor kicked on the floor. It seems that restaurants and bars are less and less in tune with women's needs. The once ubiquitous under-bar purse hook is fast disappearing with upgrades and remodels. Booo!

After this incident I complained bitterly to a friend about never having a place to put my purse. I also mentioned that Mon Mode had contacted me and I was researching their purse hangers for a blog post. "Yeah that's a great idea," she said, "but those things never really work." Silly as it sounds, I was a bit crest fallen. I needed it to work dammit! I emailed Mon Mode and asked for a sample and they kindly sent one along.


Initial thoughts

Packaging: Wow! I was immediately impressed by the elegant packaging. The purse hanger was elegantly on display and seated securely within an elegant black box. It looks much like a jewelry box. It sent a clear a message: "This is a nice product." If you're considering giving Mon Mode purse hanger as a gift, the packaging itself speaks of the quality and luxury. In fact, packaging can often make or break the gift-giving experience. OK, so far so good.

mon mode purse hanger packaging


Design: Mon Mode purse hanger has a nice heft to it and features two no-skid rubber pads on the bottom, instilling confidence that it really can safely hold that purse with your precious iPad in it. It is also small enough to conveniently carry in any-sized purse. The hook is articulated and will swing in most directions, allowing you to safely hang your purse from most tables, bars, and counter tops. The hook tucks elegantly into the side leaving the device looking like an elegant art-deco makeup compact. Oh yeah, that's the other cool thing: Mon Mode IS an elegant art-deco makeup compact. The jewel flips up to expose the perfect sized mirror for doing a quick lipstick check after dinner. It also comes with a soft black bag that protects it when its not in use. It


Color: Mon Mode sent me the Nude Jewel design (below top middle). It's a true neutral that would go with anything. Truth be told it's not my particular style. It's a bit too band-aid colored for me. But that's just my opinion and preference. The good news is what you see is what you get in the online store, where the images are true to life. The purse hanger I got looks exactly like the one pitcured. I think any of the other item in the Jewel line would be lovely for mountain brides, especially the green envy (below top left) or the natural brown (below top right), both of which look like natural stones like jade and tigers eye. But Mon Mode has many colors and designs to suit any taste.

Different colors of Mon Mode Purse Hanger


Putting it to the test

This thing works, period. I have been gleefully running around town asking all of my girlfriends with the biggest heaviest purses to let me use them to test Mon Mode. Not one purse was too big or too heavy. Nor was any counter, table or bar too small or awkward. At one point I had a girlfriend's giant BoHo tote that weighed at least five full pounds hanging from a tiny corner of a shallow counter in an interior design shop. The Mon Mode hook angled to the left to accommodate the odd space and held the purse perfectly.

Mon Mode Purse Hanger with Purple Bag

After testing it in real life situations all over town, I brought it home to get all Myth Busters on it. I took out my heaviest winter coat–a three and a half pound woolen pea coat–and hung it from my breakfast bar. Then I took my four and a half pound purse (with my iPad in it) and hung that from the same hook. Not only was the hook large enough to hold both items, it was strong enough to. It held over seven (7) pounds without signs of stress or strain.

Mon Mode Purse Hanger at Kitchen Table

Then I busted out my free weights, tucking two five-pound dumbbells into my purse. Again, the Mon Mode purse hanger held. There was some lifting off of the counter, but the no-skid pads held it securely in place, and the device itself showed no signs of strain. OK, truth be told, I love my new purse hanger too much to break it ala Myth Busters style. I'm sure it has a breaking point, but what that point may be matters little because I'm not going to be cramming more than ten pounds worth of stuff in my purse, no one does. In the end, Mod Mode purse hanger just works, and it's super cute. Although I'm not a huge fan of the nude color I got, I'm by no means embarrassed to whip it out and show it off. I actually feel sophisticated and fashionable with it sitting beside me at the table or bar. It's pretty and it works beautifully!

So here's the quick and dirty low down:



  • Very well made. Mon Mode's instruction card declares, "engineered to work," and it does!
  • Holds over ten pounds (and at least seven (7) lbs without problem or strain)
  • Small enough to carry in any sized purse
  • Hook is large enough to hold a multiple items (purse and coat, or multiple shopping bags)
  • The soft bag it comes with can be used to polish the chrome parts, keeping your purse hanger shiny and beautiful (they thought of everything!!!)
  • Attractive design with lots of colors and styles to choose from.
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Built in compact mirror
  • The die cut monogrammed one is customizable



  • The plastic jewel scratches fairly easily and must be kept in it's bag to avoid cosmetic damage



Mon Mode Purse Hanger for a bride

Yes! I do recommend the Mon Mode Purse Hanger wholeheartedly. Of all the bridesmaids' gifts out there, this is one of the most appropriate for the occasion. Not only is it a high-quality piece, but think about it. You and your 'maids will likely be attending one party after another. There's the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and the wedding itself. And there's also the dress shopping expeditions for both the wedding dress and the bridesmaids gowns. That's a lot of going out. Who wants to constantly be worrying about where to put their fancy-dancy, going-out purse. It will also help keep all of your purses and clutches organized and off the floor the day of the wedding, from the time you're all getting ready until the end of the evening when you're on the dance floor.

It really does make a great gift for your bridesmaids or even just your nearest and dearest maid of honor. The $50 starting price for these makes it a reasonably priced gift. If you're feeling generous and want something personalized, go for the monogrammed one for $80.

All images from Mon Mode, except the third one (from BlogHer) and the fifth and sixth ones (from Love Maegan)