Modern Winter Styled Table with Orange and Rosemary Details

Mammoth Lakes (where I currently live) is a place for recreation and scenic beauty. It is not a place for abundant shopping or sourcing elaborate wedding props. I often joke: if you can’t get it at the grocery store, hardware store, or one of the local thrift stores, it’s not happening. So when Sandra D. from Green Fox Events invited me to style a table for the second annual Mammoth Lakes Wedding Event, I had to get creative. Here’s what I did…

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The Inspiration:

The theme was winter wedding, and we are on the eve of the Christmas holidays. I wanted a theme that tied directly into the holidays in the mountains, but with a modern twist. I went with an “orange and rosemary theme” with rustic details.

Grocery Store:

  • Oranges: Oranges used to be a very special Christmas treat in the mountains. When I was studying Appalachian history in grad school I remember reading memoirs that fondly recalled the joys of eating a Christmas orange. We stacked small clementines into hurricane vases to add color and interest without trying to source intricate floral designs in the mountains.
  • Rosemary: A classic wedding herb signifying remembrance. It also looks similar to miniature pine boughs without actually being pine. Pine is a classic rustic mountain decor element, but I think rosemary is more modern.
  • Florals: White roses and assorted greenery are grocery store staples and easy to incorporate into any style. Because I’m not a floral designer, I took a simple approach and grouped each floral type into one vase.

Hardware Store:

  • Wooden Runner: I chose a basic 1×8 pine board and stained it with an oak stain. Thought the board was 12′ when I bought it, I had the lumberman cut it into 3′ lengths for easy transport. I hid the seem with a lace doily.
  • Wood Stain: See above…
  • Copper Spray paint: I used regular copper spray paint to paint the bottom of the bud vases I found at the thrift story. The metallic details give the table a rich holiday feel while remaining contemporary.

Thrift Store:

  • Vases: I sourced these from the thrift store. I was able to find the right color vases for my roses, but if you find a great shape in the wrong color, you can always spray paint it.
  • Lace doily: I also found a bag of lace doilies at the thrift store. The single lace doily covers my wood seem and adds a bit of vintage charm. Hubs decided to add the lemon leaf  from the greenery bunch and a few clementines for added interest.

Mammoth Lakes Wedding Resources

Obviously the fruitwood Chiavari chairs did not come from the grocery store. There are a couple of fantastic rental option in Mammoth Lakes that can help put the polish on your tables.

Camelot Party Rentals

The folks at Camelot are so easy to work with. They are a full-service rental company based in Sparks, NV, but serve Mountain Brides in the Mammoth Lakes and Lake Tahoe regions.

  • Fruit wood Chiavari chairs with ivory cushions,
  • Ivory “Jomar” linens and napkins,
  • Copper glass chargers,
  • “Bianco” white dinner and plates,
  • “Flair” dinner fork, dinner knife, butter knife and spoon,
  • Champagne flute and Champagne sherbert glasses.

Green Fox Events Rentals

Green Fox Events is a local Mammoth Lakes wedding and event planning company. Their mantra/philosophy/policy for all of their clients is, “No stress Allowed.” That’s because they take care of and fix everything that may come up. And they do it with style, verve and compassion for their clients and colleagues.

The tall hurricane glass and electric tea lights came from Green Fox Events rental fleet. I had a chance to get a backstage view of their collection and they have an assortment of lanterns, wooden wedding signs, electric tea lights, burlap, wooden rounds, shepherd’s hooks, and more. Check out their wedding props inventory HERE.


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Images by Christie O. and “Hubs” of Mountainside Bride.