Purple and orange

Modern Color Combo: Purple and…

Purple and Orange that Works!

I was a bit embarrassed when I saw my wedding pictures. Not because they were ruined (they were.) But I was also a bit embarrassed that I didn't exercise more creative input over my bridesmaid's dress. I really didn't;t care as long as she felt great, and I ultimately don't regret my decision to let her and the Hindsight Groom go shopping together while my Man of Honor and I were pulling together the myriad of DIY projects.

But when I saw those purple irises against her salmon colored dress I thought: Go Clemson!? I mean really? purple and orange?

Purple and orange
Image from Ditte Isager via Creature Comforts

Yes! Purple and orange can work and beautifully too. Look at how modern yet whimsically handmade this style board looks. LOVE!