Modern Backyard Wedding Part 2 | Off Piste

Today we continue our first Off Piste wedding: a modern backyard wedding in LA. The sweet details continue. Look at that first kiss as husband and wife. It’s so passionate and so cute with Rachel hanging with her feet off the ground. Speaking of feet, if you look closely, you’ll see that Rachel’s big toe is painted a light blue while the rest are painted white. What a cute way to do “something blue.” I also love that the couple served a taco bar for dinner. Inexpensive and local.


Hindsight Takeaway

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to incorporate personal details. Personal statements and gestures during the ceremony will be memorable. Blue and white nail polish is well under $20 if you DIY and a professional pedicure will cost twice that. One of my favorite ways to personalize is with local food. We served BBQ in the southern mountains, this couple served tacos at a taco bar. Both options are cheaper than serving chicken bla-bla-bla or beef such-and-such.

 Team Wedding