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Meet the real Eroka Sarell
Photo by Sarah Roshan

I had the privilege and honor of spending this past week in Breckenridge with Erica Sarell from Colorado Occasions. I can say from first hand experience that is is professional, organized, down-to-earth, compassionate, calm, and generally amazing. I personally love her sense of humor, and how well she works with her colleagues in the industry (which helps make your wedding go smoothly.) I hope you’ll adore Erica as much as I do!

MSB: Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a lover of glitter, spice and everything nice. Being able to live in a place that is surrounded by the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains everyday is such a treat. I gravitate toward passionate people – doesn’t matter what they’re passionate about, it just invigorates me! [Tweet “I don’t mind doing things differently, who made the rules anyway?”] When I’m not outside playing with my three dogs, you can find me cooking or spending time with my husband. I cherish Sundays during football season (go Broncos!) and coffee is a must in the morning.

MSB: Does your business have a tagline?
Defining Event Perfection

MSB: Do you have a favorite quote?

Go Confidently in the direction of your Dreams. Live the Life you’ve imagined.
~Henry David Thoreau

MSB: What’s your favorite thing to do in the mountains?
I love to just be outdoors enjoying nature. I love going on hikes and walks and seeing the sun set behind the peaks.

MSB: What are 3 things you can’t leave home without?
Without giving all my doggies a kiss, my cell phone, and a cup of coffee

MSB: What’s your guilty pleasure?
Watching the Real Housewives, I know but you said guilty pleasure…

MSB: What’s your best accessory?
A bold and colorful statement necklace to really pop

MSB: What’s your best mistake?
The ones I learn from, which is almost every time!

MSB: What’s your favorite wedding trend this season?
Glitter and bold prints! By far my favorite. There has also been an bunch of 1920’s and Gatsby style inspiration, which I’ve always said I belonged in the 20’s. This has also been paired with bold stripes, which is another fav.

MSB: OK, be honest… is there a wedding trend you’d like to see disappear forever?
There are a few out there but Chevron is the biggest right now.

MSB: What’s your best advice for destination brides planning a mountain wedding?
Be prepared! First, arm yourself with the best possible team of local vendors you can to ensure your wedding will be in the hands of professionals well versed in the area you are getting married in.

Secondly, being prepared means you should plan with your vendor team back up scenarios for weather, altitude and all other components that can make mountain weddings complicated. It’s always better to be prepared with a plan that isn’t utilized that to be caught without one!

And finally, you also want to prepare your guests that are traveling from far and wide to join you on your wedding day – ie: altitude, layers, hydration, appropriate shoes, and the affects of alcohol consumption high above sea level. These factors can make or break your experience and your guests experience. Put simply – knowledge is power!

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