Lucky Lady Recap-Green U Pick Wedding Flowers

Twitter Flowers and Lady Luck Flower Farm Recap

Enchanted Florist hands off a centerpiece to the Hindsight Bride
I still can't believe I won these on Twitter!

I am one Lucky Lady. I won flowers from the Enchanted Florist on Twitter last week. Fittingly, Janet took me to the Lady Luck Flower Farm to admire the tulips, which are currently blooming.

Let me first say the flowers Janet put together are beautiful! And it was so fun to meet up with Katie, the owner of Lady Luck Flower Farm. Katie grows her flowers organically and she makes them available for DIY brides to pick their own wedding flowers. It's doesn't get fresher than this!

Tulips at Lucky Lady Flower Farm

It was inspiring to hang out with these two ladies. Both are passionate about what they do. I got a glimpse of what Janet is made of when, upon arriving to the Flower Farm, Janet leapt from the car and ran over to what looked to me like a brush pile. She emerged with a a few boughs of pine, a sticker, and a lichen-covered twig that looked refined and elegant next to a freshly picked tulip with bulb still attached. Janet has a fine eye.

tupils, pine and stickers

If you are interested in picking your own flowers, call Katie to talk about approximate bloom times and coming out to the farm.

Keep in mind that if you are doing DIY, pick your own flowers, it is best to be flexible. For example, orange tulips may or may not be blooming on your wedding day. Katie recommends that you come out on a Wednesday to see what is blooming. Wednesday is a perfect time to harvest flowers for a Saturday wedding.

Lucky Lady Flower Farm