Long live the mason Jar

Best Hindsight Advice: Don’t Listen to Opinionated Bloggers

Follow Friday #5

Happy Friday ladies (and gents). Like all Fridays, Twitter will be abuzz with the #FF hashtag. The #FF stands for “Follow Friday,” and you’ll find people posting recommendations using this hashtag. But what are those lists really? Are they true recommendations, or just a marketing ploy to get your friends more followers? In truth I love Follow Friday, and I’ve found some fantastic bloggers following the #FF hashtag, but I also want to know why I should follow someone. So today (and every Friday) I bring you my personal #FF recommendations, and I tell you WHY you should follow each blogger.

Follow Friday Lovely Little DetailsToday, I want to introduce you to Jacin from Lovely Little Details

Why I Love Jacin:

Well, the mason jars for starters. After all of the Mason Jar Manifesto-ing over the past few months, I have come to realize something about myself. I love mason jars. They remind me of growing up in the Northern Appalachians, where making honey, growing food, and canning were a part of the yearly cycle. So I’m always thrilled to find a kindred spirit in that regard. Jacin loved mason jars so much, her new logo is based on one! {Gush!}

Long live the mason Jar

Why You’ll Love Jacin:

Not only will you love the weekly inspiration Jacin serves up, but her blog is also well-organized. I would describe her style as preppy rustic and super fun. I also personally love the  DIY and advice sections! And her Jars of Love project, where Jacin sells canned strawberries and pickles through her Etsy shop. The money she earns is donated to charity. My newest fav is her DIY videos, one of which is on her blog today.


Stuff you might not know about Jacin

My blog is known for: mason jar sundays, forever 21 clothing finds, wedding & life inspiration.

Tell us about your blogging routine: I used to post every day, but now I’ve taken the pressure off myself and post when I have something post-worthy. Sometimes I’ll get all organized, though, and pre-schedule my posts on Sundays so the week is done :)

How did you come up with the name for your blog: my blog is named after my company :) It perfectly epitomizes my favorite thing about celebrations and life in general – the lovely little details!

How did you get into blogging? I had a blog in 2005 to chronicle my travels in Australia, where I moved after college. I actually deleted that blog by accident which was a total bummer :( I started my current blog in 2009 though, as my diary to the altar – I live across the country from all of our friends & family so I wanted a way to keep them up to date in our planning progress.

First thing you did when you got engaged? We called our parents, who were on the east coast! He proposed early enough so the time difference would allow those first important and fun phone calls filled with happy tears :) After we hung up the phone, we went to dinner and enjoyed the moment!

What’s the first thing someone should do when they find your blog? Personally I always read the “about” page to learn a little more about the blogger! But on mine? I’d love if you checked out Jars of Love because it’s something I’m so passionate about, and a big reason behind my eternal love for mason jars :)

What’s your favorite: Facebook or Twitter? Instagram ;)

Tell us something only your closest friends know about you. My first “styling” jobs consisted of creating the window displays at my family’s hardware store :)

What’s your online go-to source for inspiration? Pinterest, baby. It’s my favorite procrastination station and source for blog posts on the “dead air” days :)

What’s your off-line go-to source for inspiration? The Farmers Market and Ferry Building here in San Francisco – I could spend hours walking around and taking it all in, and always have about 10 new ideas in my head once I leave!

Trend I’m loving right now: the 60s glam revival.

Trend I’d never try,publish, or do: mullet skirts! What is the deal with that! Haha :)

I would splurge on OR my biggest splurge is: my Louboutins. And they were worth every penny.

What online tool can you NOT live without? Adobe illustrator is one of my BFFs.

Who’s your biggest blogger crush?  I have a few – Abby Larson, Summer Watkins and all the other awesome inspiring women who are consistently providing positive inspiration and are just humble, nice people!

Personally, what was/is the most difficult aspect of wedding planning? Planning our entire wedding from across the country. Feeling like I was “missing out” on those special moments I had looked forward to for so long before we were engaged. Not going dress shopping with Mom.

How did you overcome it? I realized that I was only missing what I set myself up to miss – once I changed my own attitude, the planning became much more fun and trips home were jam packed with excitement, weekends of wedding marathons at a time :)

If you could only choose one key wedding detail for your wedding, what would it be? The masons. They are a tribute to my grandmother who taught me how to can jam and pickles. I didn’t even know they were a “trend” back then, but that was also before the onslaught of wedding blogs!

Biggest turn on: a blank weekend calendar haha!

Biggest turn off: mean people. But I try not to give them much thought!

Best hindsight advice for weddings: don’t listen to opinionated bloggers! Haha! Seriously though – use masons if you want, and stripey straws, and wear those golden Jimmy Choos. Take inspiration with a grain of salt and remember to stay true to yourselves through it all.

You’d be surprised to know I can find four-leaf clovers on command. No seriously, I can. It’s my party trick.

My favorite place in the world is Noosa, Australia OR Nantucket

I’m totally addicted to: The Caramel Jar’s Fleur de Sel Caramels (no joke they’re the best things EVER), New Jersey Bagels, Regular Goldfish and horrible, trashy reality TV

My instant pick me up is “fresh” flowers from the market!

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